Michael A. Caruana


Sat, 18 Sep 1999 23:56:57 +0200  
Michael A. Caruana  
World Strongest Man Competition - Malta 


The attached pictures are Veneberg and Jouko with my children. 


It was the first time that such an event was ever held in Malta; and having  
followed previous competitions on TV; it was an opportunity not to be  

The event was spread over a two-week period and attendance  for both the  
heats and finals was quite healthy, given that the Strongest Man Competition  
is not screened on the local channels.  The competitions were held in  
various localities on the island and both the TV stations and newspapers  
gave prominent and enthusiastic coverage of the event. Weather wise it  
wasn't bad, it rained a bit in the initial stages of the competition but  
mostly it was fine.  

The organizing team was very professional throughout, the only qualms I have  
is that some heats were postponed or else started much later than was  

The competitors were the friendliest bunch I have ever encountered, they  
were always pleased to pose for pictures and sign autographs.  I tried to  
find vantage points to take good pictures of the event but did not always  
succeed as the venues had limited spectator capacity.  

I was greatly impressed by most of the competitors but mostly by Jouko,  
Samuelson and Veneberg, their power is prodigious.  I also had the occasion  
to get some pictures of the legendary Bill Kazmaier who was doing some  
interviewing for an American channel.  

All in all this was an event that will be cherished by my family and I for  
many years to come.  


Michael A. Caruana