Jouko trains.. English?  
8. Sep 
Sorry, no news about the film part, he hasn't been in contact overseas. But we already changed two words about training english as seriously as he trains with weights. 

If he makes the film - and people can realize his lifts there are not just tricks - some action stars in Hollywood might start to need much more real-looking tricks to cope with him. 

Jouko is naturally preparing for a trip to Morocco next month. And how? Sneezing and resting. We have a small epidemic here in Finland. 

He has just returned from Germany GP (results on news page) where Kiri won him by 0.5 point. Kiri seems to be in a very good shape now! Jouko told me that because this GP was really just a show for Eurosport without prize money or anything, he didn't even prepare for it (had trained hard nine days in a row and kept only one day rest) and the flu was already more on than still coming. 

I didn't hear anything from Germany before this, and I really tried! So we talked also about informing newspapers. This GP was nothing in his opinion and it's Kiri's concern if he want's to give it to press here. Obviously not. But I'm glad we will get up-to-date info from Morocco then - Iltalehti ( has made a contract with strongmen and also Jouko's brother will hear everything, and I could then contact him for example. 

By the way, if YOU are interested in reporting, please contact me. At least tell me what have athletes from your country said and done! 

Well, doesn't matter how fast we get to know, what counts is what happens there! 

I reminded Jouko not to take too much pressure and he told me that there is no pressure, he has already won what he once set his mind to and is going to be just analytic. He himself or Kiri wins, if qualifying goes ok. I must believe this :-) 

He told me he has been very busy (for a long time), just competed and done many shows, so there hasn't been much time for training. He hasn't even been at home too often. So there's not much to tell about training... 

Maybe just that the last month before WSM he is going to train only strongman events. When I asked about presses and gym lifts, he said his shoulders need rest right now because many recent shows with stones and holds have gotten them sore. He has improved though - in every area. Pulls have gone up 10kg. But as I said, just strongman training. 

He weighs only 120kg (said there's less fat though) but now he has started to eat again - he had trouble for a while stuffing how-many warm meals per day. I can understand really - I like food very much and I have also trouble with just four small warm meals. 

Some notes still: 

Ojanaho (someone asked about him before) is in "extremely good shape". In the summer he competed with Jouko and it was very close. However, Ojanaho lost and he didn't like it at all. Which means he'll be back (but come now, Finns can't get five competitors to WSM even if... I won't say). 

Magnusson (as most of you know) hasn't fully recovered from his blood clot and might never compete again. 

For finns mostly: Juha Tuhkasaari has changed sport to boxing, and seems to be quite serious with it (but just lost to Tony "Viikinki" Halme (who has done also wrestling in USA, played russian there or something)). Check Helsinki GP if you don't know who I'm talking about. 

Oh and I thanked Jouko for I get much contacts from different people these days. And not all of them weigh 100+ ;-)