27.3.98 ...If I write this to Chris I might as well put it here

I called Jouko and he was in Helsinki (capital of Finland) going to train in Gold's Gym. Tuhkasaari was with him. 

He thanked me for the GP report and also told that some of those quotes I had there were wrong, he never said those to any magazine. He had already called the reporter.

I asked something about gyms, like if he now wants to train more in Helsinki or has his gym in Hämeenlinna been filled with young "strongmen": No and no.

Helsinki GP:

They announced his weight 120kg. I asked if it was correct. He said that if I have seen 125 somewhere, it's not right, 121 would be closer. That much he weighed before the '97 WSM (but only 116kg when he came back).

Höberl took many photos in Helsinki for his new magazine so I asked if he has already asked Jouko for an interview. He told that Mafnred was interested in just some kind of childhood story...

Active recovery then: As I told you he spent some time just laying on his back after Conan circle and before the Farmer's walk. He told me he knows that lactic acid could break down faster if one moves a little, but resting before some events is just his habit (and it relaxes back muscles).

Ok so his muscles don't gather much lactic acid then...

I asked what did he eat before the GP and he said "I didn't eat anything that day before the competition"...!

Then he also spoke about finding suitable foods and eating habits: Everyone should try what suits them best.

We talked about Svend too:

Jouko told me Svend is a very potential competitor and did well in the WSM last year before his injury. He is extremely strong and when he gets his technique better, he'll be one of the best.

However in the GP Svend didn't hold crucifix that long he had told Jouko before. I spoke something about "good days" and that the competitions are the only real measurement.

And about them training together, Jokke told me he's going to Norway.

I asked about Tuhkasaari. This guy is about my age so I had to ask if he has trained from very young. However he had some wrestling backround and .. won Finnish "Supersoldier" competition in '96 (or was it '97?).

What else? Well Jouko's forearm is still sore, hasn't recovered fully from the operation yet. It needs quite a lot of warming up and stretching and even gets black in farmer's walk! After the surgery he did two weeks just exercise paths with it.

I asked about grip: I have a relatively weak grip and one olympic style weightlifter recommended me a "thumb lock" grip (it stops hurting after a year or so but thumbs keep getting flatter). Jouko said there was one guy in the WSM who used it in Hercules hold and he did very well - but even the lock comes off when your hands get tired.

Weighted chin-ups :-) He still isn't sure if his forearm would be too happy about it. We spoke about Nummisto who supposedly has done one chin-up with +100kg. Jouko told it wouldn't be too surprising at all because Ilkka had a strong back and hands. The rumour says he weighed about 115kg that time or maybe a bit more.

I asked about Farmer's walk and he told it's hard before one gets used to walking.

AND the date of next GP hasn't been set yet. Anyway he's going there despite of the relatively low prize money (Helsinki about 2k$)?

Thanks for inviting me to try some strongman events... uhh