Hi Sami ! Just a quick mail from Norway. 

Jouko just sent me this add. Nice web-page!! Looking forward to see more pictures from Helsinki GP.


And I'm really happy that someone put it out on the net so fast. 

Jouko asked if we could train together, and I will, either in Norway, or in Finland. Maybe he will show me some tricks so I can beat him in the next Gp.

NB! I have been in Body Building as a IFBB pro from 94-96, but as you can see now it was too much to be on a very strict diet all the time. Ha-ha-ha

Viking regards from Svend Karlsen !

By the way check out my fan page!

(now updated) Bodytech: Svend Karlsen

New 8.5.98:
"I will send you a mail tomorrow, today I'm going to try
to do 410 kg deadlift. It will be video taped.
Viking thanks from Svend K."
"I did it, 410 kg. Time: Friday 8. may  19.12.00
But the video man diden't come, so there was only one fellow that took
Extracts of our conversation:
Hej Svend!

Hopefully you can show Jouko something too. You have good chances in the next GP, give it your best shot!

WSM '97 went so well for you (before you started to warm up) so that it will be a surprise if you won't place in the top three this year. Remember you have to put your mind in it! If Ahola can beat you mentally, believe me he'll beat you in points too.

> By the way check out my fan page!

I did! Only thing that bothered me was your bicep curl with 40kg dumbbells. Remember to take 50 kilos next time :-)

Would you mind also answering a couple of questions?

Hi Sami !

Thanks for the mail, I'm just a bit surprised that I'm suddenly in 3rd place overall???? I don't know if I dare to look on TV maybe next time I'm in 4rd place!!!

The only reason I'm didn't curl with more than 40 kg dumbbells, was that it was the heaviest on the place we took the pictures.

And answer to your questions:

For back I train: Deadlifts, deadlift standing on a box, seated row, and pulldowns.

For biceps: Scottcurl, barbellcurl, hammercurl, and one arm cabelcurl.

My personal best in some exercises: 

Deadlift 3 reps with 400kg, and 20 reps with 260kg standing on a box. 
Seated row 20 reps with 200kg (strict form), 
Pulldowns 12 reps with 180kg.
Barbellcurl 8 reps with 140kg.
Hacklift 12 reps with 350kg
Frontpress seated 2 reps 200kg, and 12 with 165kg
I have done 270kg benchpress, but now I have some problems with chest exercises because of a partial tear in my left pec.

And my favourite events for strongman are everything with power and speed like stones, loading, and all the one lift events.

I have most of the equipment I need like a car for carwalk, and it can also be used for wheelbarrow. A tire for wheelflip, farmerswalk and all the big trucks in the world for arm over arm, and truckpull. (I have my gym over a sales place for trucks)

I eat about the same like with bodybuilding during the week, but only with a bit more fat. Because I think that if you are ripped it's easier to get injured. And I think because of all my knowledge about food it gives me an advantage over the other.

I live in Hokksund Norway , it's a very small town (only 2500 persons), but it's only 45 minutes from Oslo.

I will now start my hard training again tomorrow so I can beat everybody at the next meet!!!!

Next time you just have to come down those power stairs a bit faster :-)

29.3. SK