Roll Call of Champions
January 8, 2001 - December 9, 1999 

I thought we might add a list of the current champions from the big contests but if someone from a smaller contest would like to have it added just send an email.

Some competitions have been dropped due to their inactivity for two years in a row and are now considered defunct.  But so that we don't completely lose sight of those competitions that have helped to bring awareness to the sport I will soon be adding a new feature called "A History Of Champions.

Lastly I'd like to apologize for some recent mistakes that I made, try as I might I'm still not perfect;)
Previous  Champion
AFSA FSC Int'l Champion ? Flemming Rasmussen'99
AFSA FSC US Champion Not Held in '00 Odd Haugen'99
AFSA FSC World Team Champion Germany (Team 1)'00 n/a
American Hercules Juha Räsänen'00 n/a
Atlantic Giant (Faroe GP) Regin Vagadal'00 Jouko Ahola'99
Australia SM Derek Boyer'00 Grant Edwards'97,'98,'99
Austria SM Bernd Kerschbaumer'00 ?
Azalea /NATO Strongman Challenge Phil Pfister'00 ?
Back Alley Brawl  Chad Coy'00 n/a
Back Alley Challenge Brian Schoonveld'00 Chad Coy'99
Beauty & the Beast GP (Hawaii) Janne Virtanen'00 Jouko Ahola'99
Britain SM Glenn Ross'00 Glenn Ross'99
Calgary Strongman Challenge, Hvy Geoff Dolan'00 Randy Davis'99
Calgary Strongman Challenge, Lt Cory Gillespie'00 Mike Miller'99
Canada SM Hugo Girard'00 Hugo Girard'99
Central USA Strongman Challenge Steve Kirit'00 Shawn Smith'99
Czech GP Jan Bartl'00 Magnus Samuelsson'99
European Strongman Classic Berend Veneberg'00 ?
Finland SM Janne Virtanen'00 Janne Virtanen'98,'99
Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival Hugo Girard'00 Marco Fortier'99
Great Lakes Challenge,Hvy Phil Pfister'00 Chad Coy'99
Helsinki GP Janne Virtanen'00 Jouko Ahola'99,'98
Holland SM Berend Veneberg'00 ?
Iceland SM Gunnar Thor'00 Torfi Olafsson'99
IFSA European Team Champion Finland (Team1)'00 ?
IFSA Int'l Champion (WSM) Janne Virtanen'00 Jouko Ahola'99
IFSA US Champion Brian Schoonveld'00 Bryan Neese'99
IFSA World Team Champion Finland'00 Finland'99
Kansas City Renaissance Festival Karl Gillingham'00 n/a
Labatt Strongest Man Jesson Paulin'00 See "Molson SM"
Michigan Renaissance Festival Karl Gillingham'00 Heinz Ollesch'99
Midwest Strongest Man Brian Schoonveld'00 ?
Minnesota Renaissance Festival Karl Gillingham'00 n/a
Molson Strongest Man  See "Labatt SM" Ron Trottier'99
NASS Metroplex Strongest Man, Hvy  Buddy Hill'00 Scott Major'99
NASS Metroplex Strongest Man, Lt Robby Brown'00 ?
NASS North America's SM Patrick Mitchell'00 ?
Norway's Strongest Viking Roy Holte'00 ?
Polish GP Magnus Samuelsson'00 n/a
Romanian GP Magnus Samuelsson'00 n/a
Snowman Challenge John Beatty'00 ?
South Africa Top 6 Pieter de Bruyn'00 Johan van Heerden'99?
South Africa Top 10 Pieter de Bruyn'00 Pieter de Bruyn'99
Sweden SM Magnus Samuelsson'00 Magnus Samuelsson'99
UK Docklands Challenge Not Held in '00 Bill Pittuck'99
UK Strongest Man Brian Bell'00 ?

GP=Grand Prix
SM=Strongest Man 
WSM=World's Strongest Man
FSC=Full Strength Challenge
NASS=North American Strongman Society
WMPC=World Muscle Power Championship
AFSA=American Federation of Strength Athletes
IFSA=International Federation of Strength Athletes