by Heidi Kristiansen

The 1985 WSM contest had the following competitors:

Rick "Grizzly" Brown, USA - Strongman
Jean Pierre Brulois, FRA - Powerlifter
Roger Ekstrøm, SWE - Powerlifter
Tom Magee, CAN - Bodybuilder, Wrestler
Geoff Capes, GB - Shot Putter, Strongman
George Hechter, USA - Footballer, Powerlifter
Cees De Vreugd, HOL - Powerlifter
Jon Pall Sigmarsson, ICE - Bodybuilder, Powerlifter

Sami, I thought all Finns were tough men, but Roger Ekstrøm considered walking to Portugal... he hated flying.
(later note by Sami: You made a mistake, he's Swedish, not Finnish ;-)

First event: TRUCK PULL (7 tons, 30 meters, 90 seconds)
Geoff Capes raced ahead in to 30.7 seconds, Hechter and Magee second and third.
Here we also saw some pretty weird techniques. Sigmarsson was totally exhausted and could not finish the event.

Second event: OXCART LIFT (lifting a barrow with barrels)
Before this event a spectator shouted "Eskimo" to Jon Pall. He turned around and made it perfectly clear to the whole country: "I AM NOT AN ESKIMO - I AM A VIKING!"
De Vreugd won this event with 525 kg, followed by The Viking and Hechter.

Third event: WHEELBARROW RACE (medley with sandbags)
Capes was again best with 29.3 seconds, but Sigmarsson was very happy with second place and showed that in his own special way. Ekstrøm placed third.

Fourth event: BOAT HAUL (235 kg uphill for 12 m)
Capes gained the big victory with 19.9 secs, Sigmarsson and Ekstrøm close by.

Fifth event: BELL HOLD (hands sideways, 12.5 kg in each hand)
Brown really impressed in this event, he took a record of the time with 1 min, 04 secs. After the event he said: "Hah, this event hurts. Fat people giggle when they get tired, but I'll tell you something, I feel like the prettiest fat man in the world right now."
De Vreugd placed second, Sigmarsson third.

Sixth event: CASK LIFT (max, the barrels weren't easy to lift - too big)
Quite an unfortunate event, the first place was tied between: Hechter, Sigmarsson, De Vreugd, Magee, Brown and Capes. They all lifted 115 kg, but could not get their arms around 120 kg.

Seventh event: SWINGLETREE 
I had to read this one many times, but yep the name is right. The men sitting feet against each other holding a bar with both hands, the first man to fly loses.
Geoff Capes showed big strength and made all his opponents fly! Big Brown placed second, Jon Pall third. 

Eighth event: LOBSTER POT RACE 
(called the killer event, a boat was filled with 10 nets, filled with 25 kg stones, the men had to race back and forth 30 meters between a boat and a truck)
Jon Pall Sigmarsson won this event with 1.41.1 secs, Capes and Magee following places. Brown decided to take a Sunday walk in this event, calmly looking at Magee who did a very good run.

Final results:

Geoff Capes - 50.5 points
Jon Pall Sigmarsson - 49 p
Cees de Vreugd - 45.5 p
George Hechter - 36 p
Tom Magee - 33 p
Rick Brown - 29 p
Roger Ekstrøm - 25.5 p
Jean Pierre Brulois - 19.5 p

The price money back in 1985 was 3000 £.

When the reporter asked Geoff Capes what he liked best about this sport, he replied: "The great camaraderie!"

Quoting Rick Grizzly Brown after the contest:
"I think Geoff Capes is the greatest strongman who ever lived. You talk about durability, you talk about Geoff Capes. You talk about a man seems to get better with age like a fine wine, it's Geoff Capes. A consentanious professional. When I needed advice I went to Geoff Capes, I went to Jon Pall. These men are stars at this. I'm a great man in my business, I'm a great strongman, but I'm also learning. Geoff Capes is The Mohammed Ali of Strongman!"

Thanks again Lester Thurtle for letting me see another outstanding Strongman. 
Again I recommend the fans to see the former WSM Men.

Note: If anyone feels like writing a retrospect of earlier WSM contests, you're welcome to send your words to me.