This is a memorial page to Johnny Perry....a man who left us too early

I have set up a Memorial page for Johnny, so if anyone has photos they would like to be included on this page, please email them to me

Johnny Perry

Height 6�6

Weight 375 lbs

Biceps 23 inches

Thighs 32 inches

Waist 4o inches

Johnny Wade Perry Jr was born on Oct. 24, 1972 in the small town of Zebulon N.C. He was a little different from the onset, always slightly bigger than his peers and excelling in all sports. After graduating East Wake high school in 1992, at the weight of 225 lbs, Johnny began to realize that he could find a useful place in the sports world for someone with his talents and unlimited size potential. Thus he began his quest to grow, and try to become the epitome of a strongman. After several years of intense training and dedication, he began to see tremendous results and now had to focus his life on a supreme goal, one that challenged his body and mind. Hence, he has now arrived toward the top of his sport, having qualified and competed two years running in the World Strongest Man, a goal he ascertained after only two and a half years since his first competition. Mixing in a small stint in ECW and SCW wrestling and appearing in several states as well as countries, his chosen path has already allowed him to enjoy living instead of just being alive.

Hobbies include* lifting weights, riding his Harley Davidson, spending time with his family, hunting, fishing


1999 Green County Strongman Champion

1999 East Coast Strongman Champion

2000 Battle of the Big Top Champion

2000 American Showdown 4th place

2001 American Hercules 3rd place

2001 Hungary Team Olympics

2001 Silicone Valley Champion

2000 and 2001 World Strongest Man Competitor

2002 Viking Challenge Champion


 Check out these two .MPG clips from the Viking Challenge 2002

11/21/02 Very Sad News...last night, our good friend Johnny Perry, passed in his sleep. This was verified to me from a close friend who had just got off the phone with Johnny's household.

Johnny was a great person, full of life...and anyone who had the opportunity to spend time with him knows of what I speak. Our condolences go out to his family. JP375 will be missed...and "Johnny Watch" is over and may he rest in Peace. MSK

JP was a friend and a great was amazing how many people were at his viewing...we go there late (4 hour drive took 6 hours) at 8:30...and there was still a line out the door.....we stayed till 10:30pm.....It was sad...and staring at almost looked like he was still breathing....It actually made me feel good, that although I never met her before this, Momma Perry knew who I was, and said Johnny talked about me...and how she wore my T-shirts all the time
Mark Samson Keshishian

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Wow, I feel like I know Johnny without ever knowing him. The strongman sports are not overly publicized, and never had really caught my eye until tonight. I was watching a show with Johnny Perry in it, and he was amazing. Then at the end it said �In memory of Johnny Perry�. That�s when it hit me�. I did have a certain connection to him. I remembered right then something I hadn�t really thought about much before. My bus driver told us her son had died and was in strongman competitions. I knew right then it was him. I searched around and saw the name �Gail Perry� which all but confirmed my belief it was him. We call her �Miss Gail�. Then, on your website, I found the proof. A picture of her and Johnny together ( I cannot believe it. I have read about how nice Johnny was, and if he takes after his �Momma�, its all completely true. She is the nicest person I know. It seems so strange though now, I never really gave it too much of a thought when she said that. I had never really watched Strongman competitions before, and I figured that her son would be one of the lower people, that never do too much. I was going to look up on the internet who it was, but I had no idea what to look for because we knew her only as �Miss Gail� and by nothing more, so I never found out. I never imagined it was someone as amazing as he is. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet him. He sounds like a great guy to know.




credit the video to Mike Knight






This is a pic of me and Johnny in Miami Beach.  Me and my friends were there on
Spring Break.  I screamed at Johnny to get his attention and to ask him for a
picture.  He came over, took the pictures, and talked with us for awhile.  He
was by far the coolest and friendliest guys their.  He also got a kick out of
all of our girlfriends wanting pictures with him too.  When he noticed my
nipple ring and laughed, then he pulled his shirt back and we both posed for
the camera showing off our piercings.  He will be truly missed.


This was taken at the APA Nationals in Roanoke, VA, the beginning of November.  Credit for this picture goes to Weightlifting Discussion Board.  I am holding up the pillar.  I am also 5'11" and weigh 305.  Here I thought I was big!  Great guy, that Johnny.  I was at the funeral, and noted with great admiration the arrival of Kaz.  Sorry, but I did not know any other strongmen.  Have only been lifting a couple of years. 

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Arthur J. Fisher
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Hi Mark,

             I have Read the tragic news about Johnny Perry, I could not believe it, My Wife and I met Johnny at the 2001 WSM in  Zambia then I last saw him at the WSM in Malaysia this year, he was always very friendly and was a great guy and Strongman, he had a great character and always had me in fit's of laughter, full of life, Our condolences go out to his Family and friends.

Our Kindest Regards  Marc & June Iliffe


Here are some photos Kathy Schoonveld took at this years WSM with my camera. 
Take Care,
Karl Gillingham



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The top three placers on the Fire truck (left to right) J.Perry, P.Pfister & G Mitchell; And Larger than Life...Johnny Perry

It was once said that it does not matter how many days are in ones life, rather how much life are in ones days. No person ever personified this expression as much as Johnny Wade Perry Jr. Johnny was a monstrous human, standing at a towering 6'5 and slaughtering the scales at over 380 pounds. He was one of the largest humans to ever grace a platform or playing field, but his size simply overshadowed his genuine qualities. For you see, Johnny Perry was better known to his friends and loved ones as John Boy, nothing more, nothing less. It was never his bulging traps or his impeccable biceps that caught our attention, rather his gentle smile and calming touch. You see, Johnny was a true gentle giant with one impervious principle, appreciate yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but hold the moment, for even time must slip through the greatest of grasp. Growing up as an ole country boy from Hopkins Chapel NC, John Boy lived a simplistic life, always showing off feats of strength to his slack jawed spectators. He was a cut above from the day he was reared into this world, but those that knew him from the start or meet him along the way knew that his true strength and fortified talent lay within his heart. When John Boy came around a calm feeling of nirvana seem to light the place aglow, his smile and laughter would fill the most depressed rooms with a new ambiance of joy. He loved each day as he was granted it, never too lazy to watch the sun ease over the treetops and gently kiss the morning sky. Never too busy to pause for a brief moment and gaze in awe of the light as it hid itself briskly from the eyes and reminisce of the fading glory that had occurred as the sunset. Johnny grew and as the years glanced by he realized his calling, to become a strongman, to utilize the talents God had lent him, if but for just a small while and make his impact on the un expecting world. So he began his venture and chose carefully his avenues with nothing more to guide him than hope, love and inspiration. He never veered from his predetermined course and vibrantly passing milestone after milestone he shed his blood and continued unwaveringly on an upward spiral to the top. Along the way he left a massive impact on the lives of many, becoming a grand inspirational influence to all he chanced to meet. He never shed his back to anyone and would courageously lay his life down to assist any person that was in dire need. He was not a warrior without imperfections, and he did stumble occasionally on his quest, making less than intelligent decisions at times and allowing his temper to override his common sense, those these occurrences were seldom at best. He never lacked the desire or will to ascertain whatever goal he had determined himself worthy of, but he never stepped on another to get there. See, Johnny valued friendship and respect above all else, he never forgot whom he was or what was the true importance of life. It is not what you yourself accomplish that determines ones worth, rather the dreams and goals that you help others achieve that surrender the ultimate rewards in this game called life. Johnny was a genuine warrior in every since of the word, but he was a warrior of the heart. He wielded the light and kept the darkness in a chasm of his soul, never allowing it to rear its ferocious head and deter the goodness that abided in his heart of hearts. Johnny embraced life and every moment granted him, relishing the thought of just another hour, just another day. He kept a thankful mind for every kiss he gave his mother at the end of each glorious day or each hug he handed effortlessly to his friends. Unfortunately, a light can only gleam for a short amount of time and then the winds of change appear and snuff it out. Thus it is the plight that all are predestined to drift down to that morbid ending, that the world must face on an hourly bases the lost of those who make irrefutable positive impacts on a society that needs many more heroes. So it has come to pass with Johnny Perry, his light shines no more, he was called suddenly away to cast his great presence in another arena, at another venue in another life. However, his memory burns as bright as any ray of light ever shall, his presence still cast a massive shadow at any place he ever had the opportunity to visit and his hand still calmly rest on each shoulder it has ever gently touched. Johnny�s presence here on this earth garnished him eternal respect from any that meet him, and his memory and willingness to help anyone at anytime allowed him to leave his carved nitch imbedded in the souls of all. Some have lost a competitor, some a friend, others have lost a lover, a brother, a son, or a idol in the passing of this great human being. We all, however, has lost a gleaming ray of true sunshine in a bleak world, we have lost a caring individual that left an unfillable void in the realm on which we must continue to abide. Hopefully through his memory we will become better people and never forget that even the man with the greatest grip in the world could not hold tight enough the sands of time, and take heart in every grain that remains in our hands.

Johnny you left us too soon, as the tears cascade down my face and I am forced to bid you farewell my friend, know each day wherever I may be, I know you are there also, and walk slow down that long lonely road my friend, and stop to listen often in the distance, for soon I will be calling your name and we will once again walk side by side together, brother beside brother.
Your Little Buddy,
Ronnie Shirley