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7-5-09  the Liberty Strongman Classic 2009 Turned the 4th Holliday into a Great Success! John Conner won the championship. Over 12,000 people saw our event's first two stages easily making us the top fan event in North America and one of the largest in the world. Philadelphia Police told us over 5,000 people checked us out at Welcome America!


8-8-08   The Rumor Mill: This Years World's in the USA?? I don't know how official it is but There is a very strong rumor of the 2008 World's Strongest Man being held in "God's Country"... Charleston, West Virginia starting the second week of September 2008. I hope to be there!

8-2-08  Remember Chris Tucker 1st Annual Strongman Exhibition, August 2nd, 2008...  Right now just photos... commentary to come soon!

6-30-08    July 5th will be the Central USA Strongman Championships...15 years running! I should have first hand accounts, scores and photos for you!

6-30-08    June 28th and 29th, The Liberty Strongman Classic was a hit again! Held in scenic down town Philadelphia Pa, at the base of the Steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Phil Pfister won. I will have the scores and photos up soon.

2-5-08 Contest results...Kandahar Holds 'Strongest Man' Competition Story by Staff Sgt. Tony Spain

2-2-08 Training Article Discipline and Regret, by Matt Gary, CSCS

1-27-08 I Have started updates on and will start adding articles!

So Check back Soon!!!!

1-2-08 Two more Historic Strength web sites back up! World Strength Legends and Power Building.

3-28-07 I Have Brought The World Famous and Historic Website Back... American Strength Legends! at and will be also bringing back the WSL site to!



1-27-08I Have started updates on and will start adding articles!

So Check back Soon!!!!


3-28-07 I Have Brought The World Famous and Historic Website Back... American Strength Legends! at and will be also bringing back the WSL site to!

9-24-06  Phil Pfister wins the World's Strongest Man! Phil is the first American to win since 1982, when Bill Kazmire won his third title. Phil, as some of you avis fans might remember, from a few years ago, while at the World's, and wile on the Hurculese Hold, stated that He was going to bring the trophy back to the United States! Congrats to Phil! You have worked long and hard for this!

7-7-06 Iceland's Strongest Viking 2006 (with a few pic's)

6/3/06 Pacifico Liberty Strongman Classic 2006 June 30 - July 1st(waiting for pic's)

6/3/06 Iceland strongest man 2006(with a few pic's)


10-6-05  Men's Fitness Magazine Article with quotes from Mark Philippi on training ... check it out!

3-7-05    Photos from the Arnold Strongest Man contest!

8-17-04     2004 MARYLAND STRONGESTMAN CONTEST AUGUST 7th ,  2004 Results!

STEVE KIRIT IS THE 2004 STRONGEST MAN ALIVE®! For Lots of Photos Click here!


About 10,000 fans watched the three segments that made up the Pacifico Ford Strongest Man Alive Championship.
Steve Kirit won first place finishing first in the Stones Challenge in front of 7,000 fans that packed Daniel S. Fawley Stadium in Wilmington, Delaware.
Many athletes such as Magnus Ver Magnusson, Walt Gogola and Jesse Marunde had their first names chanted by the focused audience during their runs.
Jon Anderson suffered a quad injury in the truck dead lift and could not participate in the stones.
Marunde turned the event into a mini-WWE show when, after his run, flattened Rocky Moose, the Blue Rocks mascot, in what was really an exaggerated high five...Rocky was OK but refused to be in the picture like he did last year.
A big part of the crowd booed Marunde as he flexed in the middle of the infield. You really, really had to be there.
They did cheer later when Robby, the PA guy, got Marunde to kiss Rocky and make up.
In all, including the Phillies promotion (say what you want about it), 54,000 people saw strongman live and countless millions more on TV.
Gary Mitchell was incredible as the ref and Bryan Neese was great talking to the crowd. Robby, the other announcer, was hired by the Blue Rocks as their announcer because of the job he did.
The order of finish:

1.     Steve Kirit

2.     Jesse Marunde

3.     Karl Gillingham

4.     Jon Anderson

5.     Chad Coy

6.     Walt Gogola

7.     Magnus Ver Magnusson

8.     Mark Keshishian

Log Lift winner: Jon Anderson
Conan's Wheel: Jesse Marunde
Truck pull: Jon Anderson
Truck Dead Lift: Chad Coy
Stones: Steve Kirit

6-22-04     TV dates for Pacifico Ford Strongest Man Alive Championship

CN8 Broadcast dates (all Eastern time):
Friday, July 30, 2004 at 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 5:30 p.m.
Friday, August 27, 27, 2004 at 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 5:30 p.m.

For More Info Go to

6-3-04   Entry Form for The Wise Fitness Center STRONGMAN CHALLENGE ,Grove City, PA. 2004 WISE FITNESS CENTER STRONGMAN CHALLENGE APPLICATION Saturday, July 31st, 2004 * Wise Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Complex * Grove City, PA

5-3-04    Life Fitness BATTLE OF MUSCLE BEACH 2004 American Championship Series...Video expected to be available 4 to 6 weeks!








Phil Pfister



Odd Haugen



Jon Andersen



Dan Ford



Corey St. Clair



Don Pope



Grant Higa



Chad Coy



Shawn Smith



Mark Keshisian



Abdul Wesolowski



Ron Slusarksi



5-3-04   Vegas Strongman Challenge... on the net for sale! We will also be video taping the Battle of Venice Beach May 1st Stay tuned in!...4 weeks!



4-2-04  Final Lineup for Strongest Man Alive® Atlas Stones Challenge July 2nd & 3rd - Delaware County, Pa & Wilmington, DE
Alphabetical order (starting with first name):

Chad Coy
Jesse Marunde
Jon Anderson
Karl Gillingham
Magnus Ver Magnusson
Mark Keshishian
Steve Kirit
Walt Gogola

4-1-04  Magnus to compete at Blue Rocks event July 2 & 3

Four-time World's Strongest Man champion Magnus Ver Magnusson will compete in the Strongest Man Alive® Atlas Stones Challenge July 2 & July 3 in the Philadelphia area.
Kudos to Mark K. for his efforts in getting this done.

The lineup so far:
Magnus Ver Magnusson
Steve Kirit
Jesse Maurnde
Walt Gogola
Chad Coy
Mark Keshishian
Jon Anderson

3-23-04 & will be releasing a contest video of the Vegas Strongman Challenge... The final editing will be done in the next few weeks and should be up on the net for sale soon! We will also be video tapeing the Battle of Venice Beach May 1st Stay tuned in!

3-23-04  More updates on the Strongest Man Alive® Atlas Stones Challenge July 2 & 3, 2004

3-23-04   and it's official..."Strongest Man Alive" goes from "" to "®"! Now a fully registered trademark!

2-27-04    STRONGEST MAN ALIVE™ AND STRONGEST WOMAN ALIVE™ will be a sponsor for the Atlas Stones Challenge July 2nd and 3rd, 2004!

·       The Lagoon entertainment and hotel complex in Essington, Pa (just south of Philadelphia airport and sports complex) will host the Atlas Stones Challenge and Strongman Showcase with two events on Friday night, July 2nd.

·       The Wilmington Blue Rocks are hosting the final three events Saturday, July 3 -- two in the parking lot (late afternoon) before the game -- and the Atlas Stones event after the game (about 9:30 p.m.) in front of an expected crowd of 7,000 fans.

·       Two events will be held at the complex in The Lagoon's outdoor arena. This area has been used for pro boxing in the past and has a spotlight and PA system, a large area (perfect for a Conan's Wheel) to perform and has three bars. There is enough space for over 1,000 fans to watch the event. We expect a full house.

The night club routinely draws over 2,000 fans every Friday and Saturday night. I will continue to update everyone as more details unfold.
Competitors confirmed to compete:
Steve Kirit
Walt Gogola
Mark Keshishian
Steve Pulcinella
Chad Coy

There will be three more spots offered after a title sponsor is named and a purse amount confirmed.

Thank you,

Al Thompson
Meet Promoter

2-17-04 The new rankings are up....  as well as the final rankings for the points. Pfister placed 1st even though Kirit won the nationals. So it was by the disrespect intended for anyone who feels the belong higher up than some one else. Thanks!

2-2-04  NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD "STRONGMAN" is not your average training video. Top of the World Films Presents: with the participation of The National Film Board of Canada's Filmmaker Assistance Programme "Strongman" Featuring: Hugo Girard
With: Jessen Paulin and Travis Lyndon Music by: M. Ward and Cyclesomething Directors of Photography: Allan Shifman and Yale Massey Produced, Edited and Directed by: Alan Black ..."STRONGMAN" is a personal, intimate, and unique look at Hugo Girard, one of the strongest men on the planet. It reveals Hugo's deepest motivations, desires, and secrets. We follow Hugo from the gym, to his training compound, and finally to Louisiana where he competes to become "North America's Strongest Man". Along the way, we get a glimpse of Hugo's relationships with his wife, with his fellow athletes, and with the sport that he is determined to conquer. "STRONGMAN" is a film about passion, determination, hard work, and strength. It is a movie about a strongman the likes of which we have never seen before; and may never see again. The movie is in English and the running time is approxiamately 45 minuntes.



1-6-04   California 2004 Pro-Am, May 15th 2004, Riverside Ca.