Weekend Work-Out

This is where I will try and post weekly "Weekend Work-Out" with event training and with special Guests that come into town to check back!

Mark Samson Keshishian


Wow,  Ok kids... it's been a while!

Well, a lot has happened since the last entry... I have moved twice...and I haven't been in a contest since 2004! and I've been bad... haven't done much event training... and gym training is just getting back to 3 days a week... Well, this past weekend, my buddy Barry Perkins, The Great Grand Son (7 times) of Rollo The Viking, had a weekend work out at his house.

"A Weekend With Barry"
We got to play with some of his toys. This was a last big bang for Barry, because on Tues. 9-26-06, Barry goes under the knife! or the Scope... I guess all those years playing a Viking on TV took their tool on his knee... Well, here are some shots of the gang ( will add names later to protect the innocent)

Gavin and his crew.... Gavin is built like a smaller Captain Kirk...

Gavin, 13 seconds, 50 ft, 680lbs, with a very quick pick up, only 1 second behind Old, Fat Me!

Old Fat Mark... 12 second... and it felt like 6 seconds getting it off the ground... man am I rusty!

Rollo the 8th, limping in.... Don't sweat it man... you look Huge in the photos ;-)



8-9-03 & 8-17-03

A few pic's....Farmer's Hold, Drags from Hell, and the Conan Wheel...up and running!


This weekend we did Yoke, Tire flip, Drags and Stones. We didn't start taking photos till the end of the drags...



Well we had a good work out ...but the only photos I got were of Dan Cenidoza closing the Captains of Crunch IronMind #3 gripper!.

Special guests seen in photo below is none other than Caption Kirk Karwoski...who made the power stairs look like a joke...and he is more altitudinaly challenged than me!


Walter G. , Lou B.,Alan J. jr, Mike & Rob Joined me this weekend for The weekend workout....

First was the Conan Wheel: Starting @ 200 and going up to 600...of course Walt was the only 600 participant

Then onto the Apolin's Axel: here we went up to 275.

Lastly, The was on and off raining at this point, so there were no photos.

I would like to thank every one for coming by. Walt , Lou and the guys from the University of MD Strongman Club.



Marks New Playground!

5 x 75 foot runway with a 26 outside diameter circle sidewalk for the Conan Wheel. Semi-protected platform for the stones
and a open platform for the power stairs....Hope to have the first weekend bash this weekend...stay tuned!


Well kids, we had an other "Get together"! Walter Gogola, Kevin Nowak, Willie Amos, Sean Newsome, Lou Bouhaouala, and myself.

We started the afternoon, focusing on the qualifying events for Boston: Farmers up to 335lbs. Well the biggest surprise was Kevin...this little guy is deceivingly strong. Needless to say, he took the 335 for the distance.
Next came the Yoke and Drag: We kept the yoke at it's base weight of 675 for everyone, and the sled up to 500 or so....very consuming after a few sets...I must say.
Then onto the tire flip: Well we started with my impossible 1100 pounder. It's a bit dry rotted so there is No grip, and you cant get your fingers under it! (I will fix that later) so we stuck some 2 x 4 scraps under it for access. Walt, Kevin and Big Willy got it up. Willy even pulled a Chad Coy and blew his lunch! Well anyways, after the demoralizing of this tire we went inside for my light tire, 23.5 x 25...700ish, but a short tire, a easy flipper, almost too easy, so we did it for "Cardio".
We were pretty beat at this point. But then Walt suggested the Stones (of course, he blames it on me). I am still waiting for two more stones to be made, so the weights are 175, 223, 250, 350 and 383...quite a jump! We all took turns repping the stones. The I lined them all up and went for the five...and I got all of them, but with the last one falling off the edge....needless to say Walt, was irritated, because now he had to get up off his but and do the same...and he did!
That was the work out, 4 events in 3 hours! Then on to my house for some home made Lasagna!!!


Had a few people over last weekend...little did I know they were part of a surprise Birthday party for me...but that's another story....

Gary Mitchell, Walt Gogola, Big Willy, Kevin Irwin, Lou B., the Newsome brothers and yours truly.  First The Yoke, then onto the Conan Wheel and then Stones....Great work out, lots of fun!

We started with the empty Yoke..@ 675 lbs

The we strapped on some 100's...upping it to 875 lbs!

The Conan Wheel...a 700 lbs Tire...we increase the weight by sliding the tire further out the bar!

Then onto the Stones...175...225....250....

Then jumping up to 350lbs (the 295 shattered last month)

then onto the very smooth and slick Walt Gary and myself were the only one's to get it up! (And I even used my own Sleeves this week!)


Another Weekend work out...Up at Iron Sport Gym out side of Philly...Home turf to Strongman Walter Gogola. Along with Walt was Nowack brothers Kevin and Kirk, a new conscript Lou Bouhaouala , and myself.

We started the day off with the log...Walt going to 305 for 5 reps, I got three (no excuses) The Nowack brothers I think toped out a 230lbs...and a pr for Lou...175!

Next we went outside...The Yoke, up to 730 (no photos) then to the "Truck-Pull" with sled and rope, then Conan Carry with the yoke apperatus...on to Farmers 275's and Walt jumped to 305 and got 100ft out of it.....Then back to inside to finish off with the stones. There are no platforms in the gym, so we did reps to the chest...I hit a first, shouldering the 305 stone...

It was a fun...long workout, Thanks Walt for inviting us, and thanks to Steve Pusannella for letting us train there!

DCP_0141.jpg (168049 bytes)DCP_0142.jpg (175642 bytes)DCP_0143.jpg (180819 bytes)

a Quicktime Video of Walt repping out 305lbs for 5
, 5573kb
("Save Target" to your hard drive, then play, this will be a large file and will take some time to download)

DCP_0145.jpg (255543 bytes)DCP_0146.jpg (240712 bytes)DCP_0148.jpg (167828 bytes)

DCP_0150.jpg (165456 bytes)DCP_0151.jpg (182092 bytes)DCP_0152.jpg (223100 bytes)

DCP_0153.jpg (237373 bytes)


These are some photos sent in by Jay Kotsko of his friend Jason Weston doing a 385 lb stone lift at a body weight of 220lbs



Well it's been a few months since we've talked boys and girls...sorry for being delinquent on my postings here!

Also boys and girls...I might have a surprise visitor from PA. coming down to visit..."Wooder Boy" himself!

I've training the heavy farmers at the gym...determined to walk with the 400's!...well I stood up with them this past Thursday night!...It might not sound like much, but in theory, it was my first 800lb deadlift!...with an already torn and bleeding callus from the very short 350lb walk ten minutes before...basically, I stood up with the 350, took two steps and the callus went...I Hate When That Happens!!!

Well...the newest Toy is my new version of a Super Yoke!...If you have an old pair of Jack Racks from your powerlifting days, and don't know what to do with them...well I've got your solution...Build a Yoke!

Our Latest work out was with stone and the are some shots of the stone workout...and a shot or two of a shirt I might start selling...tell me what you think? :-)


A Week-Night (School night) workout

Went out to the farm with Jules tonight. We worked on the Wheel and the car dead and wheel barrow.

Here are some shots....

JulesCarDead1.jpg (37255 bytes)JulesCarDead2.jpg (28803 bytes)
Not bad..??(for a girl ;-) Full interior and 50% of the glass left (what hasn't been shot out), and no motor , of course...but that's in the front, isn't it...
JulesWheel5-9-01.jpg (24831 bytes)
JulesWheel5-9-012.jpg (42785 bytes)
JulesWheel5-9-013.jpg (39008 bytes)JulesWheel5-9-014.jpg (40634 bytes)
Instead of moving the tire out each progressive set, we just started putting Hundred's in the tire...makes it a little easier.



Just got back from Vegas!!

Got three good days of training in....A little boring gym training on Friday (Shoulders), then on to UNLV to do Farmer's walk and Stones, and on Sunday...UNLV again with one of Gary's friends Semi to pull...33,200 lbs...rope and harness.

275lbs Farmers

Vegas4-8-013.jpg (22836 bytes)Vegas4-8-011.jpg (46792 bytes)Vegas4-8-012.jpg (46905 bytes)

Vegas4-8-014.jpg (43152 bytes)Vegas4-8-015.jpg (22204 bytes)Vegas4-8-016.jpg (24953 bytes)

Vegas4-8-017.jpg (23050 bytes)

The 400 pounder
   Vegas4-8-0110.jpg (28739 bytes)Vegas4-8-0111.jpg (26305 bytes)Vegas4-8-0112.jpg (26858 bytes)Vegas4-8-0113.jpg (26883 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0114.jpg (24485 bytes)Vegas4-8-0115.jpg (24899 bytes)Vegas4-8-018.jpg (24242 bytes)

 Stones up to 400lbs 

and 33,200 lbs of truck....

Vegas4-8-0116.jpg (41072 bytes)Vegas4-8-0117.jpg (44770 bytes)Vegas4-8-0118.jpg (51084 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0119.jpg (44630 bytes)Vegas4-8-0120.jpg (24150 bytes)Vegas4-8-0121.jpg (24748 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0122.jpg (42060 bytes)Vegas4-8-0123.jpg (29127 bytes)Vegas4-8-0124.jpg (42742 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0125.jpg (28932 bytes)Vegas4-8-0126.jpg (109736 bytes)Vegas4-8-0127.jpg (50500 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0128.jpg (47071 bytes)Vegas4-8-0129.jpg (46667 bytes)Vegas4-8-0130.jpg (28268 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0131.jpg (35882 bytes)Vegas4-8-0132.jpg (22836 bytes)Vegas4-8-0133.jpg (93833 bytes)

Vegas4-8-0134.jpg (29496 bytes)



Yes it's April Fools Day! But We didn't fool around tonight!

Kevin Irwin, Tiffany and I trained tonight...first the Keg toss, truck pull with rope, rope hand over hand pull, some drags and a little car flipping!

4-1-01Weekend3.jpg (22525 bytes)4-1-01Weekend2.jpg (29579 bytes)
4-1-01Weekend4.jpg (27665 bytes)4-1-01Weekend1.jpg (31184 bytes)


Well I haven't put anything up for a while..sorry

I tweaked my back a few weeks ago, took 2 whole weeks off! That's the most time off in a few years! I have a indoor training "place" now. A heated metal barn at my Uncle's farm. So I started taking my goodies and toys down there. It's about 35 miles from my house. I also acquired an 4 door Escort! And tonight I put the handles or nerf bar on the drivers side. This car still has the motor in it, so it will be a little more challenging. Here are some photos.

Dec00001.jpg (60964 bytes) Dec00002.jpg (60260 bytes) Dec00003.jpg (20283 bytes)
The Escort and about 60% of my toys all on a portable dolly( My stones, a pedestal for the stones, Yoke, Plates, Rope & one keg) My log and plate loaded Mastiff farmer's are at the gym and my oxygen cylinder farmer's will be coming to the farm as well as a 250lb rubber coated keg, a regular 1/2 keg for throwing and a 1/4 keg for throwing. I just need to make more pedestals or boxes for the stones as well as getting some rubber mats so they wont shatter when they hit the 12inch slab of concrete 



Hit the Yoke for the first time since Beauty and The Beast....I will need to hit it a few more times before The Back Ally Challenge!

I worked up to two 150ft runs with 550lbs.....Very Aerobic!

Keep training hard!!!



The Metro Strongman Training Demo/Exhibition
Sponsored by
Food Lyon 
and a little help from

Thank you to Food Lion for providing the opportunity to show the community some of the local strongmen and what we do! Dan Maticic organized this Demonstration held at the Potomac Falls Plaza Shopping Center in Virginia. 
Dan brought in most of the equipment, Graham Bartholomew, Wardell and Mark Keshishian also brought equipment.

I just want to thank Car Temps USA (Chantilly,VA) and Dunkin Donuts (Sterling,VA) for all their support. A BIG thanks to Jim at Signs West for the banners. Lets gear up to host a contest in Sterling,Va 2001.I hope this training demo was a positive event for Allen and Rocks Inc. Management Co. and that we may be invited back.
Dan Maticic

Also Check out Gary Brown's Brick Lift Record!

9-00-001.jpg (63532 bytes)
Bubba Ferrell and Lester Maslow helping to set up

The Log Press

9-00-009.jpg (60012 bytes)9-00-011.jpg (60388 bytes)9-00-013.jpg (64052 bytes)

9-00-014.jpg (59352 bytes)9-00-016.jpg (63076 bytes)9-00-017.jpg (62328 bytes)

9-00-018.jpg (61372 bytes)9-00-020.jpg (63084 bytes)9-00-021.jpg (59788 bytes)

9-00-022.jpg (23954 bytes)9-00-023.jpg (22785 bytes)

9-00-024.jpg (23353 bytes)9-00-025.jpg (23132 bytes)9-00-026.jpg (22961 bytes)
Mark K. hitting a personal best of 325lbs

The Hand over Hand Truck Pull

9-00-027.jpg (62472 bytes)9-00-028.jpg (61784 bytes)

The Samson-Stones
(#'s 1, 3 & 4)

9-00-029.jpg (60476 bytes)9-00-030.jpg (28338 bytes)9-00-031.jpg (30730 bytes)

9-00-032.jpg (26194 bytes)9-00-033.jpg (24128 bytes)9-00-034.jpg (27247 bytes)
Now here I offered a Samson-Power T-Shirt of their choice to anyone of the guys here who 
could do the #4 stone. I was getting a little worried because a few of the guys got close. 
But the only one was Kevin Irwin!

9-00-035.jpg (48956 bytes)9-00-036.jpg (32551 bytes)

The Tire Flip

9-00-037.jpg (30979 bytes)9-00-038.jpg (28722 bytes)9-00-039.jpg (26455 bytes)

9-00-040.jpg (21434 bytes)9-00-043.jpg (32564 bytes)

The Farmer's Walk

9-00-044.jpg (23876 bytes)9-00-045.jpg (30600 bytes)9-00-046.jpg (20928 bytes)

9-00-047.jpg (64692 bytes)9-00-048.jpg (63252 bytes)9-00-049.jpg (25250 bytes)

9-00-050.jpg (30826 bytes)9-00-051.jpg (25229 bytes)

Some comments By Gary Brown

Next on the agenda was the log. I got a PR by 5 pounds and almost 15. It
only got to the top of my head. I was afraid to lean to far back, just two
weeks ago I did just that and still have a very sore spot.

On to stones. Warming up I did my little trademark "necktie", rolling the
little one all the way around my neck. The #4 Samson stone and myself still
have some unsettled business. It got to my lap for a lengthy fight but
refused to go to the platform. Our next meeting will have a different outcome.

Farmers walk. I would have been proud if I would have gone first. To me
thick handled 200+ implements sounds like a big deal. And I was amazed that
holding onto one before the training started was not to bad. But going
after watching the other guys jog around the course only added to my
embarrassment. This was my worst event.

There were other events like truck pull and tire flip (680) to name a couple.
I didn't take any notes or pictures, so most of the things I am sure of
were what I did myself. However a few performances stood out. Mark kicked
some serious butt on the log. Outdoing the rest of us by 100 pounds or so.
Kevin did the #4 stone. Mark did it for reps. Everyone had at least one
event that they really excelled at.

What a great bunch to train with. I had so much fun, and look forward to
the next time we can do it again.

Gary B.


Yes, I know it's been a while since I posted. A couple of contests and a bit of training has gone by. Chad Coy's American Hercules and Jim Davis's Big Show Down.

Well I just wanted to post "Personal Best", yesterday 8/27/00, I finally picked and placed on a 54inch platform, my number 5 Samson-Stone! This was a great obstacle, not only for me, but anyone else who tried the number 5. For I am the first human to successfully do this with this stone. And, not touching a stone since July 22nd, not bad either.

6/4/00 Here's a "Weekend Work-Out"  from Jon Riggs!

The Mid-Westerner’s Weekend Work-Out

by, Jon Riggs

            In preparation for the Central USA Strongman contest on July 1st, I’ve been training the events specific to the contest events.  I went to bed Friday night with what felt like a cold coming on.  Saturday morning was sunny and 55 degrees.  It was perfect out, however, my cold was trying to make me feel weary of the days events.  I got out of bed at about 7:30 a.m. and loaded up with water and such.  I drug out my Farmer’s Walk logs, my Pressing Log, my Beer Keg and my tire for dragging.  Seeing that I was the only one that showed up to practice, I was in desperate need for some spectators.  So I persuaded my daughter, Ana, and my wife Jami to operate the camera and handle the motivational duties.

            I always enjoy doing the Farmer’s Walk first, so I warmed up with a couple 5 gallon jugs full of water and proceeded to pick up my awkward logs.  Since they’re wood logs, I am constantly weighing them during each training session because of the variance in weight that comes with the weather.  I loaded them up to 220 lbs. and started my “boot scoot boogey!”  It went well.

            Next up was the Keg Waddle, er, run!  My wife said she had trouble keeping me in the frame.  I felt like I could go even faster.



            Immediately after the Keg run was the tire drag.  I never know how heavy the tire will feel.  It just depends on how packed the dirt is and what kind of snow plow effect I will experience.

            After a short breather, the Log was begging to be pressed.  I loaded the log up to 225 lbs and went at it.  I’ve got to remember to breath between reps!  It went great!



            I then went on to do the tire flip.  Too bad my nasal passages weren’t clear.  I went until I became dizzy!  Train hard!

5/6/00 & 5/7/00
Phil Pfister's Weekend Work-Out

I drove down to Phil's on Friday, mad great time, No Tickets or Beak-Downs this time.
A couple of Kentucky boys came up for a little torture too, "J.B." and Jim Tom
( I hope I got the names right guys..sorry)

First off was the Super Yoke

5-6-0001.jpg (59800 bytes) 5-6-0002.jpg (58072 bytes) 5-6-0003.jpg (55020 bytes) 5-6-0004.jpg (61408 bytes) 

5-6-0005.jpg (100610 bytes) 5-6-0006.jpg (60000 bytes) 
Next, The F*$% Power Stairs

5-6-0007.jpg (142681 bytes) 5-6-0008.jpg (141560 bytes) 5-6-0009.jpg (67448 bytes) 5-6-0010.jpg (68712 bytes) 5-6-0011.jpg (69564 bytes)
Then to the Toy Shack for Farmer's Walk

5-6-0012.jpg (62720 bytes) 5-6-0013.jpg (60892 bytes) 5-6-0014.jpg (64256 bytes) 5-6-0015.jpg (61524 bytes) 5-6-0016.jpg (57076 bytes)
Next, The Mother of all events, and anyone who has tried to train for this one, knows what I mean,
The Medley!
We flipped the tire, ran and loaded 2 220lbs sacks, then dragged the pickup with the parking break on. This will be a Very aerobic event. We have to work in the 440lbs "waddle" too

5-6-0017.jpg (61420 bytes) 5-6-0018.jpg (60824 bytes) 5-6-0019.jpg (62940 bytes) 
The Trolley Pull. Again we made due with what was in Phil's toy box, We experimented with different break settings.

5-6-0020.jpg (62444 bytes) 5-6-0021.jpg (62140 bytes)
Sunday, It was just Phil and I, so I didn't get around to take any photos. We started the morning off with the Hercules hold. I had a personal best here.

Then onto the Keg toss. We had two Kegs, one with about 45lbs of water in it, the other empty. It is amazing how high that empty one flies after throwing the heavy one.

Well that's it for the weekend!
Keep training hard, and I hope you enjoy the "Pic's"


4/8/00 & 4/9/00

Viva Las Vegas!

My wife and I went to visit the Mitchell's' in Vegas this past weekend, and I got a little training in with Gary and Mark Philippi at UNLV. (not too many shots of me, I was the only one doing the camera)

Saturday we worked on Farmer's Walk and Stones.
Sunday we worked on the Axel and the Yoke.


Vegas001.jpg (63840 bytes) Vegas002.jpg (64532 bytes) Vegas003.jpg (61704 bytes) Vegas004.jpg (61940 bytes) Vegas005.jpg (63692 bytes)

 Vegas006.jpg (61516 bytes) Vegas007.jpg (61920 bytes) Vegas008.jpg (65764 bytes) Vegas009.jpg (62416 bytes) Vegas010.jpg (61412 bytes)

Vegas011.jpg (61488 bytes) Vegas012.jpg (63204 bytes) Vegas013.jpg (61900 bytes) Vegas014.jpg (61252 bytes) Vegas015.jpg (16664 bytes)

Vegas016.jpg (59768 bytes) Vegas017.jpg (53836 bytes) Vegas018.jpg (55724 bytes) Vegas019.jpg (57064 bytes) Vegas020.jpg (57968 bytes)
Great Work out Facilities at UNLV!


Vegas021.jpg (56276 bytes) Vegas022.jpg (60520 bytes) Vegas023.jpg (62584 bytes) Vegas024.jpg (15175 bytes) Vegas025.jpg (62664 bytes) 

Vegas027.jpg (17108 bytes) Vegas030.jpg (60776 bytes)
Mark P was looking good on the events. For those of you who were in Vegas in 98 for the AFSA contest, this Yoke looks familiar? Well Mark makes it look too easy



Played with my Yoke: Two weeks off the Yoke, makes a big difference! I worked my way up to about 690lbs, then I loaded it up to 750lbs, I stood up with it, sat it down, caught by breath, psyched myself up, climbed under it, and then couldn't get the %#$^en thing to move again! Oh-well....progress is slow, but 750 is the most I've ever had on my back.


Gary Brown drove up from the Skyline Drive area(2hrs) to train with the SAMSON STONES. We also dabbled with the Tire.

Gary Brown doing his impression of a "John Paul"

Gary has been training with field stones and this was his first time at the round stones, and he did really well. He got the number 1 up several times, even shouldering it once (see the photo), and got the number 2 up. He had a bit of trouble on number 3, but considering, 2 years a go when I got my first round stone, and I couldn't pick it up for about 3 workouts, I'd say he did excellent. But Gary, You gotta work on that tire, and some cardio!



Well It was a great weekend! STAZ and I drove down to Charleston, 7hrs, a speeding ticket and a leaking oil sending unit to make things more interesting.

Saturday, we got the car straightened out, the weather was great and headed for "The Holly Gym".
Sunday: Chris Brock and Mike (I'm sorry I didn't get the last name) came down from Cincinnati and brought the rain with them, so it was a wet and muddy time at the future site of "Pfister's Strong Man Training Camp"

Phil has access to a lot of people down there and has accumulated a lot of equipment as you can see below. 

I'll keep the words down to a minimum, the photos will speak for themselves!

Take a look! All of these are thumbnails!
WVA1001.jpg (57848 bytes) WVA1002.jpg (62252 bytes) WVA1003.jpg (57560 bytes) WVA1004.jpg (62140 bytes) WVA1005.jpg (62511 bytes)
The Viking Press

WVA1006.jpg (57632 bytes) WVA1007.jpg (61388 bytes) WVA1008.jpg (63331 bytes) WVA1009.jpg (59356 bytes) WVA1010.jpg (59340 bytes)

WVA1011.jpg (60384 bytes) WVA1012.jpg (60520 bytes) WVA1013.jpg (55938 bytes) WVA1017.jpg (56340 bytes) WVA1018.jpg (61584 bytes)
The Crucifix

WVA1019.jpg (63056 bytes) WVA1020.jpg (61884 bytes) WVA1021.jpg (58916 bytes) WVA1023.jpg (55988 bytes) WVA1024.jpg (57368 bytes)
The 14 inch Log

WVA1026.jpg (53148 bytes) WVA1027.jpg (53584 bytes) 

WVA1028.jpg (63492 bytes)  WVA1030.jpg (58996 bytes) Copy of WVA1031.jpg (57300 bytes) WVA1029.jpg (59420 bytes)

The Flipping Truck/Samson's Barrow Truck, and more Toys in "Phil's Toy Room"

 WVA1032.jpg (60804 bytes) WVA1033.jpg (63520 bytes) WVA1034.jpg (61944 bytes) WVA1035.jpg (60332 bytes)

WVA1036.jpg (57564 bytes) WVA1037.jpg (61716 bytes) WVA1040.jpg (60812 bytes) WVA10001.jpg (40076 bytes) 
The Farmer's Walk and my torn Callus, OUCH!

WVA1041.jpg (73234 bytes) WVA1042.jpg (65648 bytes) WVA1043.jpg (65660 bytes) WVA1044.jpg (66388 bytes) WVA1045.jpg (72881 bytes)
Weight for

WVA1046.jpg (66072 bytes) WVA1047.jpg (66452 bytes) WVA1048.jpg (65832 bytes) WVA1049.jpg (64364 bytes) WVA1051.jpg (54676 bytes)
The Stairs

WVA1052.jpg (60320 bytes) WVA1053.jpg (58860 bytes) WVA1054.jpg (63204 bytes) WVA1055.jpg (60376 bytes) WVA1056.jpg (62056 bytes)
Jouko's Wheel

WVA1057.jpg (60444 bytes) WVA1058.jpg (63452 bytes) WVA1059.jpg (63904 bytes) WVA1060.jpg (61236 bytes) WVA1061.jpg (61960 bytes)

WVA1062.jpg (65876 bytes) WVA1063.jpg (61744 bytes) WVA1064.jpg (61816 bytes) WVA1065.jpg (58180 bytes)
Chris "The Kid Rock" Brock, Mike, Phil,
Mark K, and "The King" STAZ 

We all had a great time, and I would recommend to anyone who gets the chance to go down (or up) to West Va., You'll have a good work out!

Thanks Phil for having us!!!!


Well, This "Weekend Work-Out" should be a good one! I am going down to Charleston WV to train with Phil Pfister, "STAZ", and a few other guys driving down from Cincinnati OH. I hope to have some good photos. So check back early next week!


Log Inclines: Great work out! 255lbs 10 reps! 5 more than I wrote in!
I felt so good I even reverse grip benched for the first time ins a month or so, hit 285 for ten, not bad, but way off from my best.

Taking the rest of the week light , saving it for the weekend, just doing cardio and abbs


Yoke: 695 for 55 ft, then 30ft, a bit harder this week!



Log and Axel work out.
I dropped the weight on the log to 250lbs, 5 cleans and 5 reps, to get some reps under my belt, I'll be jumping 20lbs a work out, but I will only be hitting the log heavy every other week. The week I go light on the log, I will be hitting the Axel heavy. This week I hit the Axel, 210lbs, cleaned and pressed 5 reps (hard to hold onto!)


Farmer's Walk, the first time in a month or two, not bad: 250's for 55yards with a turn. I'll start adding weight next week.
Then the tire; After the flu and a nice repertory infection, which I'm still on antibiotics for, the friggen tire is Very aerobic! Stuck to 60ft, 10 or 11 flips, I was hacking too hard to count! I hope it gets warmer soon!


Hit the Yoke, 675 for 75 feet, 25lbs a week!


Took my Yoke to the gym tonight. I set it up a little different than before. I used a 2 inch pipe, so there wouldn't be much flexing, and no chains, (I'll have to use them again getting ready for Jim Davis's contest) trying to emulate Odd's Yoke as much as possible. I had about a 75 ft runway, and took it up to 630lbs. After that I loaded another 90lbs on and just tried standing, It's been a "looong" time since I stood up with anything over 700 on my back. Each time I stood, it got a lot harder. Luckily I've got a few months before Hawaii!


 I tried Whit stones in the gym routine last night. But instead of a power bar to hold them together I used a short triceps bar. The balance is a little off, but you can stand up with them the whole way. I used a 100lbs plate and bumper plates. With the bumper plates, you don't need any tacky.

I also got to play around with an "axel" bar last night. I got up to 220, just playing around and it felt like it was going to fly out of my hands on the clean!



I'm sorry there haven't been any updates. The weather and the Flu took it out of me.

Today I hit the log for the first time in two weeks, Got up 295 for 3 singles, once on the way up to 310, couldn't get 310 up, went down to 295, got two more. Then worked on lock-outs, did reps with 275 and 235

Keep training!


The Weekend Work-Out


Stones: The #4 is no problem any more, but that dam #5, too much chalky residue, gums up the tacky! I got it in my lap, which is a PR for me, but it kept sliding out, and spinning, I'll get it eventually.

Farmer's Walk: 250lbs 90ft with turn, then added 45's to each- 295's 2 X 45ft, not bad for not doing heavy weight in a while. The weight didn't feel heavy, I was trying to keep speed up, and I kept stumbling. (It's those size 13's of mine)

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The Weekend Work-Out


Not a real "Weekend Work Out", but I did a Log work out this morning, and worked up to a personal best, and I think a physiological sticking point, 300lbs. Two cleaned and pressed reps.

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The Weekend Work-Out


Cold Stones, Cold Tacky and not enough tacky, make for a not so great work out. Gary and I both did the #4, not like we wanted to. This was the first time that I didn't use my arm covers, and man did I get some hemotomas on my left arm! The right arm got the usual abrasions and some bruising. I think that I didn't put enough tacky, or get it spread out enough.

A few days earlier I got to do a real log work out at the new gym I joined, PLANET FITNESS, and I have to say , so far, so good, they are very accommodating. I worked up to a 275lbs clean and press, first, one clean and two reps, then one and one.


The Weekend Work-Out


Another cold Sunday morning, not as cold as Chad's, there wasn't any snow to sweep off the Stones! Gary, Lester, Justin and Mark (me) met up at my house about 9am. Gary and I were the only ones training. Stones, Supper Yoke & Drag.

The Stones went well, Gary ended up with 8 reps on the #4 Stone, I ended up with 2 with the #4 and went down to the #3 for 5 reps to finish it off. The only problem with training in the cold is the Tacky gets too hard! and I hate when that happens! don't you? My pedestal is 54 inches high.

12-4-001.jpg (86052 bytes) 12-4-003.jpg (67088 bytes)
(photos from earlier work out)

Next the Yoke. We warmed up with 500lbs. Then moved up to 600lbs. The weight feels light, but 100lbs makes a huge difference on balance and control with the chain type Yoke.

12-4-008.jpg (64084 bytes) 12-4-009.jpg (65552 bytes)
(photos from earlier work out)

We dragged out the sled, put 4-100lbs plates plus 2-45lbs plates and dragged about 80ft for two sets. Great quad work out!

Sorry, no photos again, this time the batteries went in my camera. Just threw some older one's up.

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The Weekend Work-Out


Sorry, not much of a workout this weekend. Gary had to go out of town, so I was by my self. Basically, I did a Farmer's Walk work out.
No photos. 

My Farmer's Walk implements are at 250lbs( a real 250, not a Las Vegas 265 that felt like 200) right now, and I've only touched them once before since my injury in Vegas. 
The warm up walk was about 75ft with a turn and over a curb (That curb can really screw you up). Next, I paced off 60 yards (180ft), with a turn. This one went real well. After this uneventful walk, I got my air back, picked the cylinders up one more time, and walked them over the curb and up the driveway (about 40 more feet).
And that was the end of a very lackadaisical work out. Not much of an inspiration, this week.

Then I got in my car and drove to Baltimore to help coach Lester Maslow ( here are some photos) in his first contest since winning the 1993 APF Seniors! This was a "Push Pull" contest. I.E. Bench and Deadlift. He hit his goal of 1005lbs total, winning his weight class (198, with a bw of 191) and best lifter. He hit a 365 bench, missed 405, Then went on to the Deadlift and ended up with a sweet pull of 640lbs. Not bad for a spry old man of 40ish 

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The Weekend Work-Out


Gary Mitchell, Samu Tuhkasaari and Mark Samson Keshishian (Lester Maslow and my wife Maria on the camera) got together to play again. Samson Stones, Super Yoke and The Tire.

 The Samson Stones

12-4-002.jpg (66092 bytes) 12-4-003.jpg (67088 bytes) 12-4-004.jpg (67020 bytes)
Gary made Huge strides over last week. He got 3 reps with the #4 Samson Stone!
Needles to say, he was feeling good


12-4-001.jpg (86052 bytes) 12-4-005.jpg (66404 bytes) 12-4-006.jpg (66840 bytes) 12-4-007.jpg (66772 bytes)
Mark (Me) Also made a huge "PR" by not only getting up the #4 for the first time, but getting It for 2 reps! The best I did last summer was getting it to my lap.

Samu, also got the #4 up easy (that dam Finish Blood). The first try at it Gary threatened him, "If you get this, I'm going to shoot you" So Samu said he didn't do it because of Gary.
But after Gary got his, Samu popped it up one or twice to the pedestal, and got three more up, but couldn't get them over the lip of the pedestal.

The Super Yoke

12-4-008.jpg (64084 bytes) 12-4-009.jpg (65552 bytes) 12-4-010.jpg (63652 bytes)
This was the first Yoke work out since the summer, we only went up to 500lbs., just to work on technique. 

The Tire Flip

The only photos take of the tire were of Gary. We just did a couple of runs each with 12 flips. Good for cardio! We will need a heavier tire.

That's it for this weekend!
Again, hopefully there will be more up dates!

Train Hard! Train Smart!


The Weekend Work-Out


By Mark S Keshishian

A few of us got together on Saturday to Play, not as elaborate as Mr. Coy's Weekend Workouts, but it was our first.

Big "Willy" and Shawn Semones  came up with his family from Roanoke Va., Also in attendance was none other that Shannon Hartnet, and Justin "Big-Pull" McShane, there for moral support.

We played with the Samson Stones. The First time for both Gary and I since I tore my bicep and he tore his triceps in Vegas. It was also the first time that Shawn and Willy had ever played with round stones. Samu Tuhkasaari, who is Boxing now, and not supposed to be playing with implements, was giving it a go to.

We also did some Tire Flipping, but not too many photos.

These are all thumbnails, click on the image to see the larger version

wrkou001.jpg (67488 bytes) Samu3.jpg (98308 bytes) Samu3,2jpg.jpg (112305 bytes)
Samu Tuhkasaari, It must be that dam Finish blood, he was doing quite well!

wrkou002.jpg (66620 bytes) wrkou003.jpg (66572 bytes)
(me) Mark Keshishian, Got up to my #3, did some reps, but couldn't get my #4 but 6 inches off the ground. But I haven't touched them since the beginning of the summer, and more importantly, I didn't feel any pain or anything unusual in my torn bicep!

wrkou004.jpg (66936 bytes) wrkou005.jpg (66492 bytes) wrkou006.jpg (66744 bytes) wrkou007.jpg (67668 bytes) wrkoutGM4.jpg (125061 bytes)
Gary worked up to the #4, took a few tries, and a few applications of tacky, but he got it

GMsled1.jpg (88856 bytes)
Gary Mitchell, playing with a new Cary and Drag sled( with 333 lbs on it)

wrkou008.jpg (66984 bytes) wrkou009.jpg (66916 bytes)
The Group: R to L, Justin Mcshane, Mark Keshishian, Big Willy, Gary Mitchell, Shawn Semones, Samu Tuhkasaari, Front Shannon Hartnet and "Shana"

ShanaShawn.jpg (102549 bytes) 
Shannon & Shawn  

Shawntire2.jpg (70129 bytes) Shawntire1jpg.jpg (67997 bytes) Shawn2.gif (197293 bytes) Shawn3.jpg (91827 bytes) 
Shawn Semones

                              Willy&Shawn.jpg (89262 bytes)                             Willytire.jpg (62635 bytes)  
Big Willy Amos, 6.8', 333lbs Shawn & son                           Big Willy 

Gary's dog Shana in the truck pull (ha ha)

Hopefully, this will be one of a lot of "Weekend Work Outs"!

Keep training!