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Athletic & Coaching Experience


·      Athlete:

o     2 years of club wrestling

o     3 years of high school wrestling (capt. senior yr)

§      Jr. undefeated until regional’s (separated shoulder)

§      Sr year undefeated until regional’s (shoulder injury)

o     1 year club football

o     4 years raced motocross (intermediate)

o     3 years high school football (capt. senior yr)

o     2.5 years college football (Univ. of MD / Def Tackle & Long Snapper)

§      Awarded Overall Best Athlete award (spring of 86)

1.    Only linemen to ever win award

§      Set numerous school records for strength and agility

o     Tryouts: 3 NFL teams (defensive tackle & long snapper)

o     Tryouts: 2 CFL teams (defensive tackle & long snapper)

o     3 years of junior high school track and field

o     2 years of high school track and field

o     14X competed in national powerlifting championships

§      Drug tested and non-drug tested

o     2X national champion powerlifting

o     Multi-time world record holder in powerlifting

o     North American Strongest man 89

o     15 years professional strongman (worlds strongest man competitor)

o     Multi-time event winner

o     65+  national & international strongman contests

o     Best finish in international competition 4th

o     Scottish Highland Games competitor


§      Training for veterans nationals & worlds in Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling

§      Promotional (outdated) website: www.strengthathlete.com



·      Coaching:

    • 2 years high school Grad asst wrestling
    • 2 years club wrestling asst coach
    • 2 years club football asst coach
    • 1 year high school wrestling asst coach
    • 1 year high school wrestling & football strength coach
    • 1 year high school grad asst track and field
    • Personal Trainer (general fitness) since 1988 (20+ Years)
    • Coach / Personal trainer (sport specific) since 1988 (20+years)
    • Coached several athletes to compete in World’s Strongest Man & Woman contests
    • Strength and conditioning coach for several high school athletes that won D1, D1AA & D2 Football scholarships
    • Strength and conditioning coach for several college football players who have played in the NFL, CFL, and/or AFL
    • Coached many men & women National & World Champion powerlifters

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