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MMA Training /Sparring Partner


I am available to anyone who needs a sparring partner for MMA training. I have an extensive background in wrestling and in strength athletics. The combination could be very helpful for any light heavy – heavy weight fighter who has an upcoming fight with an opponent who may be bigger and/or stronger than they are. It is very beneficial for a fighter to have felt similar size and power in training. I have seen many times a fighter get into a match and they feel completely overwhelmed by the size and/or strength difference of their opponent.


You will not find very many people walking the planet with the combination of size, strength, work ethic and wrestling ability that I posses. I can help you prepare for your next opponent, very similar to sparring partners that boxers use. If they have an upcoming opponent that is really fast, strong, taller, etc. they use sparring partners that can mimic or duplicate what they will be facing.


Call me and let’s discuss about what you specifically need and see if I can provide it!!


Gary Mitchell





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