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Strength Athletics & Sport Specific Training

By: Gary A Mitchell



I have a PHD in experience and results!!!


Where the mind goes, the body will follow!!






1. Desire:

2. Determination

3. Dedication

There are only two pains!
-The pain of DISCIPLINE!
-And the pain of REGRET!


It is not where you start, it is where you finish!


Anatomy of an Athlete!


Effort BEATS Talent every time

When TALENT doesn’t work hard!


Shoot for the STARS

 and only if you have no other choice,

 settle for the MOON!


Do not only train hard, but also train smart!!


"You're either part of the steamroller or part of the pavement."



  • You are only as strong as your weakest point!
  • Mental Preparation: Where the mind goes, the body will follow!
  • Maximize your effort! / Make your effort count!
  • Don’t cheat yourself, make yourself the very best you can be!
  • If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!!
  • If it was easy there would not be enough to go around!
  • If training was easy, the line would be out the door!
  • Dare to be different / Make your own path!
  • If being great was easy, everybody would be great!
  • For every negative thought you have, replace it with 10 positive thoughts!
  • The mind is the most powerful muscle in the human body!


  • Sport Psychology


  • There is a big price to pay,

Are you willing to pay that price to achieve your dream?


  • Win at all costs!?!?!


GOD does not care about who wins and who looses, so ask him to help you be the best you can be and let the results take care of themselves!!


  • Speed (Develop it)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance (Maximize your effort)
    • Aerobic & non-Aerobic
  • Strength (how to develop it)
    • Endurance / Athletics / Explosiveness
  • Nutrition (strength / weight loss / body efficiency / game day)
  • Agility (change of direction / quick feet)
  • Explosiveness
    • Power / Endurance - Plyometric
  • Mental Toughness (how to overcome setbacks and eliminate barriers)
    • Learn to go where you never thought you could!!
  • Injury Prevention (what can be done to minimize the risk)
  • Plateau Busting (how to recognize it and getting through it)
  • Power-building
  • Injury Rehab (physically and mentally)
    • Rehab injuries and mentally overcoming / Rebuilding confidence
  • Training Frequency (allow time to recuperate)
    • Complete detailed workout routine & schedule / Re-Evaluation
  • Performance
  • Core Development / Strengthening
  • Sport Skills Evaluation (determine skills needed)
  • Sport Specific Skills (specific sport training)
  • Mental Preparation (training, testing, competing)
  • Performance Evaluation (pre-testing)
    • It is not where you start it is where you finish!!
  • Exercise Technique (perform exercises properly)
  • Anatomy of an Athlete (understanding the body and how it works)
  • Hand-eye coordination (neurological enhancement)
  • Power
    • How to develop it / How to use it
  • Laziness vs. Overtraining (how to tell the difference)
  • Visualization (mental focus / visualization techniques)
  • Quickness
    • How to develop it / How to use it
  • Commitment (what does it mean and how to do it)
  • Hurting vs. Being Injured (how to tell the difference)
  • Motivation (examples of what to look for and how to put it too work)
  • Reaction
  • Training (how much, when)
  • Avoid Burnout (learn to recognize the symptoms)
  • Flexibility
  • Expectations (recognize / determine, evaluate, and meet)
  • Proper Warm-up & Cool-down
    • Essential part of being an athlete
  • Goal Setting (setting realistic short & long term goals)
    • It is not where you start, it is where you finish!!
  • Performance Testing
    • (monitoring progression – Off / Pre / During / Post)
  • Relaxation / Recovery
  • Age Specific Training
    • Youth  - Senior


  • Programs
    *Team Training
    *Group Training
    *Youth Programs
    *Running Technique
    *Motor Skills
    *In-Season Training
    *Off-Season Training
    *One-on-One Training
    *Senior Athlete Programs
    *Strength Training
    *Speed and Agility Training
    *Balance and Stability Training
    *Dynamic Flexibility Training
    *Plyometric Training for Explosive Power
    *Sport Specific Training
    *Testing and Evaluation



“Effort + Talent + Dedication = Greatness!!”

“Dreams followed by preparation = Success”

“A dream written down, becomes a goal”


Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk!


The whole is more important than the individual!!

Team > Player


Let your results speak for you!


-Zero Resistance Living!-

“Nothing can get in my way”

“The resistance comes from the inside”

“Negative images will prevent you from succeeding”


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