*** 2002 ***

Heidi's Column 2002

*** 2000 ***

The Renovator by Sami

Raw Powerlifing by Scott Taylor

*** 1999 ***

The American Strongman Year in Review by Justin McShane 

Bill Kazmaier at the 1999 A&K Bodybuilding Show by Jon Riggs 

Viking 2000! by Svend Karlsen 

WSM 1999 preparations by Sami 

A Summer Day in Kangasala  by Sami 

AFSA and IFSA  by Sami 

Readers' Digest

February and Flu  by Sami 

Kazmaier the wrestler?  by Chris 

The man of the year

1999  by Sami 

*** 1998 ***

Best Of WSM: Most Memorable Moments   by Chris 

98 Comments   by Sami 

98 Biased News!

WSM 1998 commentary (read also competition reports): 
   Jouko preparing for WSM
   Also Svend was
   Tangier speculations
   Other mails

After Strongest Man Alive  by Sami 

*** 1997 ***

The WSM '97 List  by Chris 
A workout with Jouko Ahola [in english]  [in finnish] by Sami