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ASL Interview with Ryan Vierra

Date of Birth: August 23rd, 1968
Height: six feet
Body weight: 285
Clan: Lindsy
© VP Productions

American Strength Legends has been overwhelmed lately by your requests to see more Scottish Highland Games athletes on American Strength Legends website. So, ASL has decided to not only feature a Scottish Highland Games athlete, but to feature the premier Highlands athlete, Ryan Vierra. Mr. Vierra is not only the premier American Highlands athlete in the US, but is also top in the world. Ryan Vierra's accomplishments speak for themselves. He is a three time world champion in the games (1998, 1997 and 1996). He has won over 70 championships. He has set 160 Games records, 7 international records, 2 North American and American records and 2 World Championship records. He has even tipped his hat to strongman competitions, pressing 374 pounds overhead in the flintsone press. A former collegiate shot putter, his technique is unparalleled. On top of all of this, he is bull strong. He has power cleaned 385 pounds, push pressed 374 pounds and has done high bar back squats with 640 pounds for a double with only knee wraps and a belt on.

Best performances in the heavy athletics are as follows:
Events Statistics: Distance
l6lbs Open Stone	59.5	
l7lbs Open Stone	58.5	
221bs Braemar Stone	47.0
261bs Braemar Stone	38.8	
l6lbs Hammer		150.9
221bs Hammer		120.1
281bs for Distance	92.8 1/2
561bs for Distance	46.10.1/2
l6lbs Sheaf Toss	37.0	
2Olbs Sheaf Toss	31.0	
561bs for Height	16.0	
Caber ( 23' x l30lbs)	12:00x2

Strongman Events:
Donanun Stones for Time		21.4sec	
981bs Stone for Distance	15.11	
1251bs Stone			12.9	
Flint Stone (Press Overhead)	3741bs	

His best gym lifts are as follows:
*Power Cleans: 385 pounds

*Power Snatch: 245 pounds (Stopped going heavy in 1992)

*Push Press: 374 pounds

*Squats: 640 pounds (for a double -just knee raps and a belt)

*Jump Shrugs: 600 pounds for a double

Deadlifts: 535 pounds (Stopped after High School, 1986)

Bench Press: 410 pounds (Stopped after College, 1992)

* = Primary lifts

See an Athletic Resume for Ryan Vierra

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