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Posted October 2, 1999

AFSA closes offices in Las Vegas and the launch of National Strength Athletes Association
As first reported on the Diesel Power Forum the AFSA office in Las Vegas will cease from operating as part of AFSA. Instead, the staff will re-open as a new strongman federation called the National Strength Athletes Association. A calander of their events will soon be posted. You can access NSAA's website by clicking here.

Posted September 18, 1999

Jouko Ahola wins WSM!!
As first seen on the internet anywhere on the Diesel Power Forum, Sami Koskinen reported that Jouko Ahola won this year's WSM in Malta. This has been confirmed. Janne Virtanen (FIN) came in second. Svend Karlsen took third place honors (one half point behind Janne). Fourth was taken by ASL's good friend Hugo Girard of Canada. Magnus Samuelsson came in fifth. Congrats to all the competitors. See IronMind for further developments.

Posted August 29, 1999

Preliminary Results from the AFSA American Championship

The following competitors moved on to qualify for day 2....
1. Odd Haugen
2. Brian Schoonveld
3. Chad Coy
4. Jim Glassman
5. Shawn Smith
6. John Beatty
7. Gary Mitchell
8. Steven Bell
9. Michael Gillert
10. Harold Collins

Further results and details can be accessed on the Full Strength website

Posted August 28, 1999

Whit Baskin to compete in the 1999 World's Strongest Man

Whit Baskin confirmed on the Diesel Power Forum that he will indeed compete in this year's World's Strongest Man Competition. Whit will face Berend Veneberg, Lazlo Fekete, Raimond Bergmanis, Bill Pittuck, and a German. The top two in that heat will move on to the final. Whit wrote, "I expect to do well in the medley, hold, carry and drag, and don't see any reason why I couldn't win any of the three. As for the other events, none are terrible. So, I don't expect to finish dead last in anything." Whit was invited to compete in last year's WSM, but turned it down. Whit is riding high after a very strong showing at both the 1998 Strongest Man Alive and the 1999 IFSA Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition. Best of luck ASL's good friend Whit!

Posted August 16, 1999

Results from the AFSA Holly Michigan Strength Expo 8/14-15/99

The following were the results from the Holly Michigan Strength Expo....

1. Heinz Ollesch
2. Magnus ver Magnusson
3. Wayne Price
4. Chad Coy
5. Gary Mitchell
6. Chief IronBear Collins (withdraw due to injury-supposed torn bicep)
7. Doug Ahr (withdrew due to injury-dislocated hip during stones)

Congratulations to all the competitors!

Posted August 9, 1999

Results from the IFSA Killine International Highland Games Glasgow 8/4/99

Unconfirmed results have the results as follows....

1 (tie) Glenn Ross and Hugo Giraud--Glenn had 3 1st places and Hugo had 1.
3) Sami Heinonen
4) Frazer Tranter
5) Raymond Bergmanis

Posted August 2, 1999

Results from the IFSA British Grand Prix

As first reported on the internet on the Diesel Power Forum the results are as follows:

1) Hugo Girard
2) Raymond Bergmanis
2) Mark Phillipi
4) Bill Pittuck
5) Sami Heinonen
6) Steward Murray
7) Odd Haugen.
Of special note was that it was Hugo Girard's first IFSA Grand Prix win and probably the biggest win in his strongman career. Way to go Hugo! Second, Mark Phillipi returned to his first strongman competition after his injury in last year's World's Strongest Man. A special thanks fro Chris Mavromatis and Odd Haugen for passing on these results.

Posted August 1, 1999

Results of the 1999 Budweiser Strength Festival

This year's Budweiser Strength Festival was held in Bend, Oregon July 30 & 31. First was taken by Jeff Markoff of Tacoma, WA with 88 points. Second place went to Dean Muncey of Tri Cities, WA with 67 points. Third place was won by Joe Chouinard of Bend, Oregon with 57.5 points. Of special note was Ken Brown who competed but had to drop out after 3 events with a strained calf. It is reportedly not serious injury. A special thanks is owed ot JV Askem for the results. The "blow-by-blow" analysis can be seen on the Diesel Power Forum.

Posted July 30, 1999

Update on the 1999 ASFA America Full Strength Challenge

The list of international stars as well as the events have been released for this year's AFSA America Full Strength Challenge.

Magnus Ver Magnusson of Iceland
Riku Kiri of Finland
Wayne Price of South Africa
Heinz Ollesch of Germany
Flemming Rasmussen of Denmark
Chief Harold Collins of the U.S.A.
Derek Boyer of Fiji
Bill Lyndon of Australia
Gary Taylor - Head Referee (UK)
Manfred Hoeberl - M/C (Germany)

The preliminary events are as follows: Farmer's Walk, Tire Flip, Crucifix Hold and Carry Load & Drag. The final events will be: Car Flip, Truck Lift & Walk, Log Press (max weight, Pole Push and the Stones of Strength Medley.

Update on the Holly Michigan Renaissance Fair

The events have been named for the Molly, Michigan Strongman Expo. For day one, there will be a 700+ pound tire flip, a crucifix hold, a log clean and press for a maximum weight and odd rock loading (with field rocks weighing from 250 to 340 pounds). Day two events include the following: farmer's walk with 220 pound implements, a deadlift truck lift for a maximum weight, a Husafelt-like stone walk and a work medley. Sounds like fun! Good luck to all those competing.

Posted July 28, 1999

Canada's Strongest Man Results

Mario Roy, who is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Federation of Strength Atheltes (FCAF-CFSA) which is Canada's IFSA affiliated organization, wrote ASL to let us know that "Hugo Girard won the first Canada's strongest man, this weekend to Qubec City, with a total of 105 points."

The full results are as follows:
Hugo Girard (Qubec): 105 points
Ed Brost (British Columbia): 83 points
Ginaud Dupuis (Qubec): 76 points
Grant Mcreynolds (Alberta): 69.5 points
Randy Davis (Alberta): 69 points
Ron Trottier (Qubec): 66.5 points
Travis Lyndon (Ontario): 65 points
Marco Fortier (Qubec): 64 points
Jessen paulin (Qubec): 64 points
Gus Alevizos (Ontario): 54 points
Shane MUrphy (Nova-Scotia): 53 points
Robert Ploughman (Newfoundland): 41.5 points
Geoffrey Dolan (Alberta): 41.5 points
Tim Griffith (Saskatchewan): 38 points
Bob Owens (British Columbia): 37 points
Ryan Espey (Manitoba): 20 points

Congrats to ASL's good freind Hugo "Huge-oh" Girard!

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