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Posted July 26, 1999

Dutch Grand Prix results

ASL has just got word that Byran Neese came in tied for sixth. Gerrit Badenhorst took the overall honors. Jouko came in second. Look for more complete info at the IronMind news board

Posted July 25, 1999

Ed Coan at the USPF Seniors

Ed Coan lifted today in the USPF Senior Nationals which were held in Texas. There was much anticipation and speculation that this might finally be the meet where he would break the 2500 pound barrier. Reports throughout the internet as well as personal conversations with people who were in attendance have yielded the following information. Coan squatted a PR 1019 pounds which on lookers called "easy." He benched 573 pounds. He deadlifted 859 pounds. However, he did bench 585 pounds and deadlfited 875 pounds which were both turned down. He ended up with a 2451 total. Great lifting Ed!

Posted July 21, 1999

A sad day-the passing of Lee Moran

It is a sad day in the world of strength sports today. ASL has learned that Lee Moran has died. Lee will remembered as the first man to officially squat 1000 pounds in competition. On his first attempt with the 1003 pounds, the collar came off and the weights slid off one side. People were running for shelter. Suddenly when the weight was gone off that side and the bar flipped off him and sailed like a missile, and landed on the next platform. Fortunately nobody was there at the time. He took his next attempt with it and got it. Nosebleed and all. Lee also won the 1984 IPF Worlds that were held in Dallas, Texas. In the 125+ kilo class, he won via a 400.0 kg squat, a 272.5 kilo bench and a 305.0 kilo deadlift. He totaled a massive 977.5 kilos. ASL wishes to convey our condolences to the entire Moran family.

The results of the 1999 Hungarian Grand Prix

ASL received an email from IFSA's Marcel Mostert that the next big IFSA event will be the Dutch Grand Prix 1999 which will take place on the 24th of July.
Marcel also sent word of the full results of the Fourth Grand Prix of Hungary.
Place Competitor Points
1 Berend Veneberg 67
2 Jouko Ahola 64
3 Gerrit Badenhorst 57
4 Laszlo Fekete 55.5
5 Kazinskis 48
6 Bill Pittuck 38
7 Regin Vagadal 35
8 Brian Neese 33
9 Jaromir Nemec 22.5
10 Gustavo Pujades 20

Posted July 20, 1999

The TV Schedule for the 1998 AFSA Full Strength Challenge

The 1998 AFSA Full Strength Challenge will air on ESPN September 16th at 11pm and on the 21st at 3pm. Special thanks to Kelly at AFSA for telling Mark Keshishian and for Mark for letting us all know.

Michigan Renaissance Fair Strongman Expo

The finalized list of competitors for the 1999 Michigan Renaissance Fair Strongman Expo has been released. Gary Mitchell, Magnus ver Magnusson, Wayne Price, Heinz Ollesch, Doug Ahr and Chief IronBear Collins will compete. Chad Coy will compete as well. This year Magnus ver will be competing. This event will take place on August 14th in Holly, Michigan.

More info on the 1999 East Coast Strongman Challenge

James Greene, who competed in the 1999 IFSA Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition, has told ASL that he has released further info on the event that he is organizing. This information can be accessed at It sounds like it is going to be a fun contest.

Posted July 19, 1999

News on the Dutch Grand Prix

Thanks to Chris Mavromatis for posting on the Diesel Power Forum, ASL has learned that Berend Veneberg won the Dutch Grand Prix. Chris wrote that "I talked with Bryan Neese's wife and she said that Bryan didn't do as well as he had hoped placing 8th and that Berend Veneberg won (one of the biggest wins of his career I would imagine... what with Jouko and Gerrit there). That's all she knew." More details to follow either here or on IronMind.

Posted July 18, 1999

Results from the 1999 USAPL Senior Naitonals

This past weekend, St. Louis was the scene of some terrific powerlifting as the 1999 USAPL Senior Nationals took place. This event qualified athletes for the IPF Worlds whcih will take place on November 17th to the 21st in Trento, Italy. The full results of the competition can be viewed by clicking here.

Posted July 14, 1999

A correction and an apology

ASL wants to extend a very large apology to Jim Voronin. In our haste to report the news as quickly as possible. We unintentionally reported incorrect numbers for Jim Voronin's lifts at the 1999 APF Senior Nationals. Jim went 914 pounds in the squat, a 644 bench, and a 733 deadlift to total 2292 pounds.

Location and Date of 1999 WPC Worlds is announced

The 1999 WPC Worlds will take place in Calgary in Canada and will be on November 12th through the 14th.

Posted July 13, 1999

An incomplete picture of the 1999 APF Seniors

The following is information about the 1999 APF Seniors that ASL could find out. In the battle of the heavyweights, it was big Jim Voronin versus Gary Frank. Gary Frank won this particular day with a 2300+ total. Big Jim took second via a 914 Squat, a 639 Reverse Grip Bench Press and a 722 pound deadlift which gave him a 2275 total. Scott Warman won the 308's via a 903 Squat, a 479 Bench and a 804 Deadlift. This gave him a total of 2186. Jesse Kellum won both the 198s as well as the Best Lifter honors. For the women, Vandeweghe won the 165s and opened with a 540 squat. Julie Scanlon took second place via a 457 squat, a 303 bench and a 418 deadlift. She ended up totaling a massive 1178 which was a PR by over 120 pounds. Julie has been invited to the WPC worlds which will be held in Calgary. Congrats to all the lifters.

Posted July 11, 1999

Shannon Hartnett sets a new world record and info on Kaz going to Scotland

Shannon Hartnett did it again. She broke her own world record in the weight for height with a toss of 18' 1". In talking with ASL tonight, she informed ASL that she is going to Scotland to compete in a bunch of games which includes the Men's World Championships in Callender Scotland.
She also told me that Bill Kazmaier will be in Scotland along with his 12 year old son Eric. Eric will be throwing some of the heavy implements in an exhibition. It is not certain whether Kaz will give it a go or not.
Congrats Shannon!

Posted July 4, 1999

Results from the 1999 AFSA HDT Central Strongman Challenge

Chad Coy posted the following on the Diesel Power Forum that "56 athletes came to Kokomo, IN on July 3, 1999 to compete in the Central USA Strongman Challenge. The overall winner recieved a $5,000 supplement package from Human Developement Technologies, as well as a 4 foot Conan Sword. The top seven athletes placed as follows:
7. Doug Miller- Kokomo, IN
6. Chris Brock- Ohio
5. Wade Gillingham- Minnesota
4. Tony Scrivens- Wisconsin
3. John Beaty- Illinois
2. Jamie Allen- Kentucky
1. Shawn Smith- Kokomo, IN

Athletes 1-6 qualified to compete in the AFSA National Championships to be held in Las Vegas on August 28, 1999. For a complete rundown of the Central USA Challenge, please check out, but please give us until about Wendsday to get all the info uploaded.
Thanks Chad. It sounds like it was one hell of a good contest.

Posted July 2, 1999

Results from the 1999 Bob Hoffman Strongman Challenge in York, PA

Ellen Stein won the under 132 pound women's class with 40 points. Shannon-Pole Summers took top honors in the over 133 pound women's class. Beth Orliss took second in that division and Delora Serbin took third. In the 224 and under weight class John Jakobsen took top honors. Vincent Cooke took second. Donnie Thompson took third. In the heavyweights, Michael Anderson took first. Scott Lewis took second. John Butler took third.

Posted June 29, 1999

Curtis Leslie

Citing nagging injuries, Curtis Leslie did not compete in the Mountaineer Cup this past weekend.

Posted June 28, 1999

Results from the The Great Lakes Challenge Strongman '99

Chad Coy took the heavyweight division top spot with 40 points. Second place in the heavies went to Jim Glassman with 35 points. Shawn Smith narrowly missed second place by one point (i.e., 34 points). Tracy Meadows, Abdul-Azrz Wesolowski, and Michael Boels finished out the list of the top six. Those six automatically "qualified" for entry to the AFSA 1999 U.S.A. Strongman Championship which will be held in Las Vegas on August 28th and 29th. In the middleweight division, N. Osborne narrowly beat Mawr Walker Wallace for the top spot. Full results can be seen on

Mountaineer Cup Results

Vikor Naleikin of the Ukraine won the grand prize of $10,000.00 with a reported very clean and strict 1010kg total. His fellow country man Vladimir Ivankenko took home $2000.00 with a 940kg total. Alan Ferguson of the Republic of South Africa totaled 802.5 kilos. Richard Coates had to withraw due to injury during the bench. Also, Mark Robinson of South Africa was injured in the squat and had to pull out. As of this time, it is unsure what happened to Curtis Leslie. Dave Jeffrey, Robert Keller, Dave Kyle, Ed Horton, Rob Graham, Al Seigal, Nick Busick were the meet officials. More results will be posted on the NPL site.

Posted June 27, 1999

Rumors say Five for the USA...

Unconfirmed rumors have been circulating that a fifth US competitor has been named for the 1999 WSM competition and the name that keeps coming up is Joe Onasi. Stay tuned here and IronMind News for more details.

Info on the IPA World Cup and the 1999 inductions into the York Barbell Hall of Fame

There were seven lifters who benched over 700 pounds.
Gary Frank totaled a massive 2420 at the IPA meet that was held in conjunction with the York Barbell Strength Spectacular via a 936 squat, 650 bench and a 834 deadlift. He reportedly had 900 almost locked out in the deadlift but could not quite get his shoulders all the way back. You may remember Franks as the starting center for the Denver Broncos not too long ago.
Bob Youngs totaled 1935.
Dave Tate totaled 2200.
Also, Louie Simmons reportedly totaled over 2100 again at the age of 54 (I think).
Sadly, Dave Barno tore both hamstrings while warming up for the meet and will need surgery. I am sure that I speak for us all that I wish for his speedy recovery and return to the sport.
John Gamble (275 powerlifter and one time WSM competitor), Hugh Cassidy (first IPF superheavy champ) and Mark Cameron were inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame. Also on hand was Ruthie Schaffer and Vince Annello.

Posted June 25, 1999

Pan Am Championships have benn postponed

Mauro Di Pasquale, presdent and founder of the the IPF's newest sub-organization called the Pan American Powerlifting Federation has announced sadly that the PAPF Championships have been postponded until March 15-19, 2000. The powerlifting event was to include several seminars by such greats as Joe Bradley, Jimmy Moir, John Inzer, Rick Gaugler, Ernie Frantz, Walter Thomas, Tom Campbell, Fred Hatfield, Larry Pacifico and Terry Todd. This re-scheduling mainly has to do with difficulties in obtaining visas for the athletes to enter the country. The PAPF website can be accessed by clicking here.

Posted June 24, 1999

AFSA Full Strength Challenge-Austria results

Manfred Hoeberl of AFSA posted the following on the Diesel Power Forum "Magnus ver Magnusson, Riku Kiri, Flemming Rasmussen, Heinz Ollesch, Derek Boyer, Bill Lyndon, Wayne Price, Harold Collins and two top host-country Austrian strength athletes just competed in the AFSA World Full Strength Challenge Series - Austria. This event is the second leg in the series. The third leg is taking place in the United States in Las Vegas on August 27. Also at the Las Vegas event will be the 1999 AFSA USA Strongman Championship August 28 and 29. Info can be found on the Full Strength Athletic Magazine web site and the AFSA web site. The URLs are and News, updates and results are listed on the sites. We look forward to seeing all the fans and competitors out in Vegas at the end of August. --- Manfred"

The following appears on the Full Strength website. The code and its contents are the porperty of AFSA.
The World Full Strength Challenge - Austria FINAL RESULTS

1stFlemming Rasmussen51
2ndRiku Kiri44
3rdDerek Boyer40
4thHeinz Ollesch39
5thHarold Collins32
6thMagnus Ver Magnusson27
7thManfred Gruber26
8thKarl Bauer25
9thWayne Price24.5
10thBill Lyndon21

The World Full Strength Challenge Series STANDINGS

PlaceCompetitorDubai PointsSeries Points
1stFlemming Rasmussen4293
2ndRiku Kiri37.581.5
3rdHeinz Ollesch30.569.5
4thDerek Boyer22.562.5
5thMagnus Ver Magnusson2451
6thBill Lyndon2950
7thWayne Price24.549.5
8th*Harold Collins*3*35*

* Chief Iron Bear Collins has only competed in 1 competition. He replaced Phil Makdisi after Phil was injured after 1 event in Dubai.


Chad Coy, strongman competitor and strongman contest promoter has released his list of competitors. There will be 56 total competitors. You can view the list by clicking here.

Posted June 22, 1999

James Greene's East Coast Strongman Challenge

James Greene, who tied for 12th in the 1999 Beauty and the Beast Strongman Contest, wrote ASL to let us know that he will be promoting a strongman contest. He wrote, "it will be held September 25,1999 here in Va Beach, Va. It will include 6 events. Event #1 will be the Hummer limo pull roughly 17,000 pound vehicle pulled over an 80 foot course for time. No hand over hand; it is a harness only event. Event#2 will be the log lift. Event #3 will be the farmers hold which will be basically two oxygen cylinders held onto for time. No straps will be allowed. Event # 4 will be a tire flip. Event#5 will be the crucifix hold for time. Event #6 will be the rock load onto barrels. This year, there will probaly be no prize money, but will see as fund raising goes on. The entry fee will be 50.00 including free t-shirt. I will keep you posted as time goes by , on hotels and such. Also, we will have two diffrent weight classes. More information can be found by clicking here

Posted June 21, 1999

Overall IFSA Britain's Strongest Man Competition 1999

As first reported on the internet by Phil Secure of the UK Strongman page on the Diesel Power Forum, Phil wrote "This was billed as the show to select the UK's entrants to the 99WSM. Lots of unrest in the athletes camp as events were lighter and more speed orientated then ever. The lighter guys like Jamie Barr and Colin Bryce both testers for WSM98 did exceptionally well against the established stars, however what blew the "lighter and faster events" myth out of the window is that Big Glenn Ross took the overall title!! 6 foot and 28 stone of him! He was awesome! everyone acclaimed him that a man his size can run that fast! 1st Glenn Ross, 2nd Steve Brooks 3rd Lee Bowers 4th Bill Pittuck full report to appear soon on UK Strongman." Thanks Phil for keeping us up to date.

Posted June 17, 1999


Chad Coy, who took an impressive 10th at last years Full Strength Challenge in Las Vegas and ninth in the IFSA American Championship this year in Hawaii's Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition, has written ASL to let us know about his competition. The AFSA sanctioned HDT Central Strongman Challenge will take place on July 3rd in Kokomo, Indiana. It will be one of two qualifiers for the AFSA 1999 USA Strongman Championship in Las Vegas on August 28th and 29th. Chad said that he has received a lot of interest in the contest and appears to be shaping up to be a great one. For further information, please contact Chad Coy at (765) 864-0838.

Posted June 16, 1999

1999 World's Strongest Man takes shape

As originally reported by on their News page, the 1999 World's Strongest Man Competition "is currently scheduled to take place in Malta, from September 6th to the 20th. The present plan calls for five heats of six competitors each, with invitations to be based on performances last year and so far this year. Mark Philippi, Phil Pfister, Bryan Neese and Ken Brown were named as the likely U.S. representatives, but these details, as all the others, are subject to change." The form seems to be that the top two competitors from each heat will move on to the finals. This is quite a change from the 1998 format which was ten heats of four competitors with only the top competitor moving on to the finals. Good luck to the US competitors! The 1999 WSM is rumored to be the possible last appearance by the 1997 WSM Jouko Ahola in strongman competition for a while as he turns his attention towards film-making.

The 1999 24 Hour Fitness Beauty and the Beast Miss Bikini Fitness and World Strongman Challenge

The final final write-up of the event has been completed. It includes over 80 pictures, a full write-up of the events including a description of the apparatus, the controversies the placings as well as the times. An excel spread sheet including all of the results as also been added. The ASL write-up of the IFSA 1999 24 Hour Fitness Beauty and the Beast Miss Bikini Fitness and World Strongman Challenge can be accessed by clicking here.

Posted June 8, 1999

Preliminary write-up of the 1999 24 Hour Fitness Beauty and the Beast Miss Bikini Fitness and World Strongman Challenge

The very sketchy write-up without any pictures of the IFSA 1999 24 Hour Fitness Beauty and the Beast Miss Bikini Fitness and World Strongman Challenge can be accessed by clicking here.

1999 UK Docklands Strongman Challenge Results

Phil Secure wrote ASL to share the results of the 1999 UK Docklands Challenege which was put on by the Peacock Gym in Londons East End.

First place went to a very impressive Bill Pittock in his first contest in 2 years.
2nd Andy Bolton
3rd Glenn Ross
4th Frazer Tranter
5th Lee Bowers
Phil has pledged a full report soon at

Phil worte that "Glenn's new log lift record at the Docklands with 155kg was good to watch and his deadlift showdown with Andy Bolton had the crowd going! Andy finally won with 375kg against Glenn's 370kg. That was the max amount of lifts allowed both had more left!
This should guarantee Bill Pittock a UK place at WSM and also Glenn as his 3rd here and his win at Jamie Reeves UK show in March this year means hes in good form. The last event, the medley 3 tyre flips, 135kg!! farmers walk, 2 x 125kg barrel walk and load and 40 metere sprint caused Andy Bolton to rip a bicep so makes his appearance at the Britain's Strongest Man show in a weeks time a bit unsure.
Big Glenn came in at 28 stone (390lbs) and surprised a few people by coming 2nd in the 6 barrell load and 3rd in the medley (his 40 meter sprint was like a freight train!" Thanks Phil for the commentary.

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