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Lester Maslow pictures

Lester Maslow interview

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 190 pounds

Today (5/21/00) is a very happy day at American Strength Legends because ASL has the opportunity to "break" the news first to the world concerning the return to the platform of a living legend in powerlifting:  Lester Maslow.  Maslow is a multi-time national champion in the 148 through the 198 pound division. Most noteably, at the 1994 APF Senior Nationals when he came back from a horrible hamstring tear the year before to take home the gold and represented the US at the WPC worlds. He has also won NASA Nationals. He was a Pan-Am Games Champion.   At a bodyweight of 181 pounds, he squatted a tremendous 700 pounds and deadlifted 683 pounds.  By using either the Schwartz/Malone or Wilkes formula, he has out-lifted many of those portrayed here.  Impressive?  Definitely.  Strong?  Absolutely.  Hardcore?  You have no idea.  How many people do you that have torn a lat while squatting and still finished the rep?  I know of no one else. 

The 40 year old Maslow has decided to come back to the platform after a seven year layoff to compete at the APF Master Nationals this May on his way to his first Master's Worlds competition which will be at the WPC Masters Worldss in November.  Current masters division record holders better look out.  Lester is back!

Lester Maslow not only is a fantastic lifter, but he is perhaps the best training partner anyone could have.  Durring workouts, he screams and yells words of encouragement at his training partners (Gary Mitchell, Mark Keshishian and Bubba).  He is also quick with the wit to lighten up the mood a little.  He is a font of knowledge and is very good at analyizing lifts to find and correct bad technique or weaknesses.  When his training partners go to compete, Lester is there.  In these last year, he has been to St. Louis, Baltimore, Glen Burnie Maryland and even Helsinki Finland to support his training partners.

See Lester Compete at the APF Masters Nationals


Best Lifts in Competition:

Squat:  700 pounds
Bench: 393 pounds
Deadlift: 683 pounds
Total: 1741 pounds @ 181 bodyweight

Best Lifts in the Gym:

Squat: 700 pounds for two reps
Bench: 400 pounds for two reps
Deadlift: 650 pounds for two reps
Squat (no equipment): 400 pounds for 10 reps
Deadlift: 500 pounds for ten reps

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