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Kim Bergman pictures

ASL Interview with Kim Bergman

Date of Birth: January 2, 1965

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Best Lifts in the gym:
Squat 475
Bench 250
Deadlift 505
Total 1230

Best Lifts in a meet:
Squat 455
Bench 240
Deadlift 475
Total 1170

Kim's Accomplishments

1988 Collegiate Ms. Alabama

Kramer's Gym Deadlift Contest in June of 1996-370 pound deadlift at 157 pound bodyweight

1997 USPF Alabama State Powerlifting Champion in April 1997-at 160 pound bodyweight in the 165 pound class with 390 squat-175 bench-385 deadlift-950 total, earning her a top 10 in Powerlifting USA placing in the squat, top 20 in Powerlifting USA in deadlift and total as well as overall women's best lifter in that meet

APA National Champion in September of 1997-at 174 pound bodyweight in the 181 weight class with 420 pound squat, 230 pound bench, 470 pound deadlift, 1120 pound total; earning her top 10 in the Powerlifting USA placing for all three lifts and the total as well as the overall best woman lifter in that meet

WPA World Champion in March 1998-in 181 pound women's open class with 455 pound squat, 240 pound bench, 475 pound deadlift and 1170 pound total

1998 WPA World Championship Powerlifting Meet- Women's Submaster's Champion (age 33-39)

USPF Alabama State Records- 165 lb Women's Open Class- Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Total

APA/WPA World Records- 181lb Women's Open Class- Squat, Deadlift, and Total

APA/WPA World Records- 181lb Women's Sub-Master's Class- Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Total

Powerlifting USA Top 20 Ranking for 1997
Women's 165lb class- 8th in the squat; 18th in the deadlift; 11th in the total

Women's 181lb class- 5th in the squat; 9th in the bench; 2nd in the deadlift, and 2nd in the total

Kim and Kramer Bergman are going to promote a powerlifting meet; see the details here

Email Kim Bergman (please use responsibly)

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