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ASL Interview with the Chief

Born: May 25, 1957 in Shannon, North Carolina
Height: Six foot two inches
Weight: 375-385 pounds

Chest: 63 inches
Biceps: 23.5 inches
Waist: 40 inches
Thigh: 34 inches

Chief Harold "Iron Bear" Collins is a full-blooded Lumbee Native American from North Carolina. He is a Chief of the Lumbee-Cheraw. He grew up with five sisters, one brother, and two half-sisters
He is the strongest Native American who ever walked the planet. He is a legendary powerlifter, strongman and philanthropist. As a powerlifter, he was a three time USPF champion. He went to the IPF World Championships winning the gold medal for best bench twice. As a strongman, he competed in the World's Strongest Man Contest twice in 1993 and 1997. He finished second in the 1997 American Strongman Final. He has done so many great events for charity, there isn't room in this brief summary to adequately enumerate them.
He currently owns the Pembrook Powerhouse Gym in North Carolina. His strongman career and his dedication to charity work continues.

Best Lifts

Squat: 950 pounds
Bench: 705 pounds for 3 reps
Deadlift: 860 pounds
Many other of his records and lifts can be found in the interview

Career Highlights

1990 Third Place at Men's USPF Championships in the 125 kilo class with 340-252.5-887.5 kilos

1991 Men's USPF Champion in the 125+ kilo class with 365-260-327-952 kilos

1992 Men's USPF Champion in the 125+ kilo class

1992 Represented the US at the IPF Senior World Championships

1992 Gold Medal for Best Bench at IPF Worlds

1993 Men's USPF Champion in the 125+ kilo class

1993 Third Place at the IPF in the 125+ kilo class with 370-272.5-337.5-980 kilos

1993 Gold Medal for Best Bench at IPF Worlds

1993 World's Strongest Man Competition-6th Place

1993 Record Holder in the Log Press for Reps with 21

1997 Second Place at American Strongman Finals

1997 World's Strongest Man Contest-10th Place due to an injury

World Record in Semi Truck Pulling with Seven Tractor Trailer Trucks

North Carolina State Bench Press Record Holder in the 275 Pound Class with 601 Pounds which He Broke Six Times in a Row

North Carolina State Bench Press Record Holder in the Superheavyweight Division with 633 Pounds

1998 Finland Snowman Challenge-winner

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