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Anthony Clark pictures when he was inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame

ASL interview with Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark's acceptance speech

Anthony Clark, as anyone who has met him can testify, is perhaps one of the most quiet and unassuming men on Earth. Anthony Clark is something unique now in the sport. A man who does most of his "talking" by lifting on the platform. Probably pigeon-holed by many as simply a fantastic bench presser, Anthony Clark is a great three lift powerlifter. Anthony Clark has used his unique reverse grip bench press style to hold the current all-time bench press world record. This lift is also a topic of heated debate by many in the powerlifting world. When pressed for a reply, Anthony shrugs and says, "There's always next time when I beat that record too." However quiet Anthony may be in person, his list of accomplishments yell loudly for all to hear. A brief synopsis of his powerlifting-related accomplishments follow below:

Some of Anthony Clark's accomplishments

First teen to Bench Press 600 pounds 1986

A 1025 pound squat 1988

First man to reverse grip ench press 700 pounds 1992

First man to bench press over 700 pounds

800 pound bench press record at the Arnold Classic 1997

1031 pound squat

771 Deadlift

World record powerlifting total of 2600 pounds

He has successfully benched 700 pounds or greater 17 times in competition

Talks to youth and spreads the meaning of the gospel sometimes up to 270 days a year

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