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ASL Interview with Tommy Ingalsbe

Born: November 16, 1969
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 335 pounds

College: He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a B.A. majoring in business
Gym: Coffe's Gym in Georgia
Olympic Coach: Ben Green

Mr. Ingalsbe is an Olympian for the United States and competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the 108+ kg (238+ pound) class. He also competed in the 1997 American Strongman Finals where he narrowly missed qualifying for the World Finals in the World's Strongest Man Competition.

Competition Highlights

1993 National Championships in Weightlifting-Third

1994 National Championships in Weightlifting-Third

1994 U.S. Olympic Festival-Second

1995 American Weightlifting Open-Third Place

1996 Olympic Trials champion

1996 Olympic Weightlifting-16th Place [snatch (106 kilos, 165, -170dng); clean and jerk (-200dng, 200, no lift); total (365kg)] His qualifying total for the games was 360 kilos

1997 American Weightlifting Open Champion

1997 National Championships in Weightlifting [Body Weight: 150.03 kilos, snatch: 160 kilos, clean and jerk: 190 kilos, total: 350 kilos

1997 American Strongman Finals-Third

1997 U.S. World Team Trials-Second [Body Weight: 151.51 kilos, snatch: 155 kilos, clean and jerk: 190 kilos, total: 345 kilos

Best Lifts

Olympic Lifts
Snatch: 165 kilos or 363 pounds on April 28, 1996
Clean and Jerk: 210 kilos or 462 pounds on April 28, 1996
Total: 375 kilos or 826 pounds in April 28, 1996

Powerlifting Lifts

It should be noted that Tommy doesn't train these lifts in the gym too often because training for Olympic lifting is different than Powerlifting. Nonetheless, they are impressive.

Squat: 600 pounds for reps, 705 pounds in high school, he thinks he's in the low 800's

Bench: 526 pounds

Deadlift: 650 pounds, he doesn't train for it and hasn't maxed out since high school

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