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The second best links page for people interested in strength on the net. The best place is Raw Power!

American Strength Legends, Justin McShane, McShane Enterprises or any of the athletes protrayed at this site do not accept responsibility for the content or advise of the links listed below. So, use caution. Use your head. Thanks.

The Links are organized by topic

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Powerlifting and Weightlifting Frederations and Events

Highland Games and Throwing Links

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Business Sites


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The Official World's Strongest Man Page

BodyTech Fitness Science

UK Strongman Page

Unofficial World's Strongest Man Site

Vince Anello's Total Training System

Fred Hatfield's Homepage

American Federation of Strength Athletes (AFSA)

The Weightlifting Encyclopedia


House of Power

MyoFitness Discount Performance Supplements and Official Homepage of Bryan Neese

Doug Daniels' from Powerlifting USA Site

Unofficial World's Strongest Man Site

The new Paul Anderson Youth Home website

Weightlifting and Powerlifting Supertotals

Long & Strong Throwers Page

Page of Power

Official Ken Patera Page

Powerbuilding-Haarastuksena voimalajit WSM

Franco Columbu

The Cable/Bar System

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Dinosaur Training

Hardgainer on line

Full Strength! Athletic Magazine

The Samson Stones

Manfred Hoeberl's Official Web Site


Iron Sport Gym of PA

Jackal's Gym

Powerlifting and Weightlifting Frederations and Events

The Strongest Man Alive Contest

Natural Athlete Strength Association Homepage

PowerSports Homepage

IPF Homepage

ADFPA Homepage

World Powerlifting Congress/APF/AAPF

European Powerlifting Federation


United States Powerlifting Federation

University of Cardiff Powerlifting Club

WPA-APA-CPA Powerlifting

United States Weightlifting

USAPL in Minnesota

Molson Strong Man

Highland Games and Throwing Links

The Scottish Highland Games


Scottish & Celtic Games Listings

Long & Strong Throwers Page

The Throwers Page

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Business Sites

Air Machine USA

Iron Viking Powerlifting Supplies

Optimum Fitness


IronMind Enterprises, Inc.


Absolute Truth Hardcore Bodybuilding

Truly Huge-Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness

Unrelated link: Go here I promise that you'll like it
Hompage of Brilliant Artist: Kevin McShane, who is my brother. This site is extremely funny

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