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Bryan Neese pictures

ASL Interview with Neese

Bryan Neese's official webpage

Bryan Neese on NRS

Born: August 30, 1964
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 320 pounds

Byran Neese's rise in the ranks of American Strongman can be summed up by no other word than meteoric. He has been competing seriously in strongman competitions for a year and has already secured himself an invitation to the most prestigious strongman competition in the world-the World's Strongest Man Competition. Usually, it takes Americans such as Mark Phillipi, Chief IronBear Collins and Gary Mitchell several years to "pay their dues" in international strongman competition before they were selected to appear at the World's Strongest Man. However, based upon Bryan's consistent high placings in several strongman competitions here in the US, Jamie Reeves and IFSA have guaranteed him a spot in this year's World's Strongest Man Competition.
This year Bryan has placed highly in three quality strongman competitions. He finished in a close second place to American Phil Pfister at the Survival of the Strongest Competition. Phil and Bryan were tied going into the final event. It was later discovered that the truck that Bryan had to push in the final event had its parking brake on. This probably cost Bryan the win. Then, at the Strongest Man Alive, Bryan placed an impressive third behind IFSA superstar Jouko Ahola and Phil Pfister again. Next came Bryan's "time to shine" in at the 1999 IFSA Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition in Hawaii. It was there that Bryan came out as the American Champion and assured his all expense paid invitations to two IFSA Grand Prix events as well as to the World's Strongest Man competition.
Unlike many of the great athletes profiled here on American Strength Legends, Bryan was not always a gifted athlete. He will be the first one to tell you that. He tried a wide-range of sports including football, bodybuilding, powerlifting and highland games. He did not find "his" sport until he was 34 years old.
Lest you get the wrong impression, Bryan is not only dedicated to his strongman career, he is also a devoted family man. He also spends some time ministering the gospel to children and supports the Paul Anderson Youth Home with the proceeds he receives from his appearances.
As Bryan gets ready for the Dutch Grand Prix, American Strength Legends is proud to present the Bryan Neese profile.

Some of Bryan's Best Lifts
Squat: 630 pounds
Bench Press: 600 pounds
Deadlift: 700 pounds
Push Press: 405 pounds
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