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ASL Interview with Gary Mitchell

Date of Birth: January 17th, 1965
Height: 6 foot one inch
Body weight: 308 pounds currently, but has been as high as 333 pounds
Thigh circumference: at least 34 inches
Arms: 21.25 inches
Chest: 58 inches
Wasit: 37 inches

Standing at six feet one inch and weighing an impressive 308 pounds at less than 9% body fat, Gary Mitchell is a very massive man. As many of you remember him from watching ESPN, Gary Mitchell competed in the US Stongman Finals last year in Primm, Nevada. Unfortunately, he had to withdraw on the last day of competition due to an unfortunate bicep tear that happend to him after the first event. He competed in the World Muscle Power Championship (WMPC) last year where he put on a very impressive display of will power finishing in fifth place despite tearing both of his biceps. He has won the Virginia's Strongest Man contest twice and on his third year (his second title defense), he blew his knee out in the log press while being well ahead on points. He also won the North American Strongman Championship in 1992. Before his strongman career, Gary was a superheavyweight powerlifter. He recorded an impressive 903 squat in the 1992 APF Seniors. He also was declared the USPF national champ, but was not selected to compete in the IPF World's due to threatened legal action by some of his fellow competitors. However, Gary is in tip-top physical shape for his second turn at the WMPC title in just a couple of days. He is setting new PR's every workout in the gym and weighs a hefty 308 pounds. With his 34 inch legs, it may be hard to deny him the title this year.
Gary also has a work ethic that is truly unbelievable. He trains five days a week-four in the gym and one with the various strongman implements that he and his trianing partners Mark Keshishian and Bubba have acquired. Every workout is long, hard and heavy. There are no light days for Gary. However, some have dubbed him the "unluckiest strongman in history" due to his plethora of injuries which include 10 knee operations and three back surgeries. This just shows his superior drive and his big heart. I doubt that many could suffer the injuries that he has over his career and still continue to compete and give it his all.

Best Lifts
in competition
Squat: 903 pounds
Bench press: 507 pounds
Deadlift: 733 pounds

in the gym
Squat: 705 pounds for 5 reps with just a belt and wraps-no suit; 805 pounds for three reps with just a belt and wraps-no suit; 505 pounds with no belt, no wraps and no equipment at all for 17 reps at one time and 15 at another time
Bench press: 535 pounds for a double
Deadlift: 735 pounds for a double

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