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Larry Pacifico pictures

ASL Interview with Pacifico

Larry Pacifico's induction

Champion's Gym

Date of Birth: Jan. 17, 1946
Height: 5'6"
Weight (1999): 190 pounds

When you ask people who have been involved in powerlifting for a while who they think the top ten powerlifters of all time are, the list varies. However, there is a consensus by everyone that Larry Pacifico belongs on that list. His accomplishmnets in the iron game have taken on legendary status. He won nine straight world powerlifting championships. During his 18 years of competition, he won a total of 102 competitions. Pacifico has set 54 World Records in his career. He was probably the last powerlifter to be featured in Sports Illustrated. Bill Kazmaier once reminisced "The first time I went to powerlifting meet and saw Larry, I think he was probably six or seven on his World Championships and he was pretty much-how would you say?-a god in powerlifting. He could go to any class that he wanted to. He could pretty much lift whatever weight on the day he wanted to." Don Reinhoudt also said of Larry, "I look at Larry, an idol to all of us here-nine time champion and Larry will always be the legend of all time to us." In addition to being a nine-time world powerlifting champion, Larry Pacifico has always given back to the sport that he loves so much. He owns a gym and does personal training all day. American Strength Legends is proud to present a profile of "Mr. Powerlifting" Larry Pacifico.

Best Lifts

Competition Squat: 832 pounds
Competition Bench: 592 pounds (no bench shirt)
Competition Deadlift: 771 pounds
Competition Total: 2061 pounds

Best Exhibition Lifts

Squat: 885 pounds
Bench: 610 pounds
Deadlift: 815 pounds
Push press off the racks: 440 pounds
Standing press: 315 pounds in 1968
Snatch: 270 pounds in 1968
Clean and Jerk: 320 pounds in 1968

The Nine Consecutive World Powerlifting Titles

(N.B., all weights are in kilograms IPF kilo to pound conversion chart)

Year Place Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total
1971 New York 90kg 282.5 232.5 297.5 812.5
1972 Harrisburg 110kg 317.5 260.0 317.5 895.0
1973 Harrisburg 110kg 340.0 247.5 317.5 905.0
1974 New York 100kg 317.5 255.0 307.5 880.0
1975 Birmingham, England 100kg 292.5 247.5 317.5 857.5
1976 New York 90kg 312.5 185.0 317.5 815.0
1977 Perth, Australia 100kg 340.0 252.5 335.0 927.5
1978 Turku, Finland 100kg 345.0 222.5 337.5 905.0
1979 Dayton 100kg 347.5 242.5 315.0 905.0

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