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a red line
Mark Keshishian picturesMark Keshishian interview with ASL

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Mark Keshishian Mark fires that log up! Up and away goes the log
Their log Next stop the Full Strength Weekend, then the World's Strongest Man Competition Mark's postulate: "I squat, therefore I am"
Gary Mitchell, his best friend, encourages him on Some have called him repasaurous Coming out of the hole in the squat
Mark doing leg presses Some Smith machine squats Mark practicing the farmer's walk
This series of pictures shows Mark attacking his number 1 stone On the chest Beginning to rotate it to the shoulder
When you can pose like Jon Pall with a stone, you have conquered it That being done, it's on to number 2 The arch is very important to roll the stone up
Beginning to rotate the stone to the shoulder Again the rotation It's shouldered

It is conquered!

Mark with Bill Kazmaier. This photo sits on his mantel in his house

The above images are © McShane Enterprises. All rights reserved

Mark Keshishian gets ready for the loading event at the Standardsville Strongman contest Mark won the loading event
Mark gives the 56 a toss
Gary Mitchell helps Mark get set up for the farmer's walk Mark is off with the 95 pound dumbbells
With Amanda Mitchell encouraging him The unplanned final event. The stone put for distance. Mark took third place in the contest
Team Keshishian Mark practices for the farmer's walk in Hawaii with 300 pound cylinders in each hand A big snort of amonia
Mark tries on Kaz's belt from the Le Defi Mark Ten Mark practices the tire flip for Hawaii with his 650+ pound tire

The above images are © Samson Power. All rights reserved

See more pictures of Mark competing at the 1999 Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition