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Sunday, June 28th, 1998:

The first person inducted

Jan Dillinger of York Barbell: The first man is a four time champion and you'll be hearing that a lot this weekend. These individuals are multiple world champions, multiple world record holders, and one or two of them still have records that stand in fact. This powerlifting phrase that the powerlifting meet doesn't start until the bar hits the floor is probably named for this individual: Vince Anello. (applause) Ask many of his competitors, they'll tell you there is no lead in the squat and bench press that is safe from Vince. I have seen him pull just extraordinary weights, frightening weights and beat people. Vince is a four time world champion and also is a national masters champion. Vince will you please come up

The crowd cheered as he received his award

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Vince: I would like to say...I would like to thank everybody that came to support me. I'd like to thank my mother and my family and my friends. Also, it's an honor to be inducted with such great lifters such as the great Don Reinhoudt-one of the greatest superheavyweights in history, Ruthie Shafer: one of the best and greatest women powerlifters in history, Bill Kazmaier another one of the greatest superheavyweights in hsitory and my good friend and probably the best powerlifter Larry Pacifico. I remember that I used to watch Larry lift. He was my hero when I was in elementary school. (The audience laughed) And this is the greatest honor. This is the culmination of my lifting career. This is a very great honor. Thank you very much.

The audience cheered and gave a well-deserved standing ovation to Vince.