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Bill Kazmaier pictures

All images are thumbnails. Click on them to see the full sized version.
Celebration after the 56 pound for height record was broken The 56 pound wieght toss for height Kaz benching his 661 pound wr
Caber toss with a 18' 240# caber His world record 887 pull Kaz was the first man to lift all five McGlashen stones in competition
The number 5 again Bill's massive back At the Ultimate Challenge 87, he shouldered the number 3 and negotiated a course
A lat shot at 330 pounds and 7% bodyfat Here he is demolishing the side lateral dumbell record of Cyr Pressing the Thomas Inch Dumbell-that had only been deadlifted by 4 other people in 100 years
The above images are © Air Machine USA All rights reserved

This image is © Juan Arce of

The above images are © David Webster and Musclemag 1987. They are pictures of him with his fellow competitor Jon Pall Sigmarsson. All rights reserved.

This image is of Bill Kazmaier and Riku Kiri and is © Bill Henderson of

Super Kaz served as a commentator at the 1997 WSM Competition Hjalti Arnason and Kaz grapple in a bear hug A comparison between Kaz and Jon Pall
As a competitor at the WSM Competition At the 1988 WSM Competition deadlifting a cart With the Crunch Bunch-a strongman football team
Farmers walk against Jon Pall The girl lift or quasi-squat at WSM A young Bill circa 1976
Super Kaz, there can be only one With the competitors in 1988
All of the above images are © IronMind Enterprises and can be found in either Milo! or in David Webster's books Sons of Samson and Sons of Samson 2. They are reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

All of the above images are provided by Dave Harnett of Raw Power!. All rights reserved.