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Career Statistics

These are just a few of his accomplishments in his life.
Junior National Powerlifting Champion-275 Pound Class-(760-512-760-2033) in 1978

Senior National Powerlifting Champion-275 Pound Class-(782-534-804-2121) in 1978

World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-617 in 1979

World's Strongest Man Contest-Third in 1979

World Powerlifting Champion-Superheavyweight-(865-622-804-2292) in 1979

World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-622 in 1979

Strongbow Superman Contest-Winner-374 Clean and Jerk, 837 Deadlift, 120sX17 Dumbell Press in 1980

World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-634 in 1980

World Record-56 lb. Weight Toss Over Bar-Scottish Highland Games-Height: 16 feet and 3 inches in 1980

World's Strongest Man Contest-Winner in 1980

Powerlifting Competition-Best Squat-Superheavyweight-925 in 1981

World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-639 in 1981

World Record-Bench Press-Superheavyweight-661 in 1981

World Record-Powerlifting Total-Superheavyweight-2424 in 1981

World Record-Dumbell Press in Exhibition-a Pair of 155sX10 repetitions; a Pair of 165sX5 repetitions in 1981

World's Strongest Man Contest-Winner in 1981

World Record-Deadlift-Superheavyweight-887 in 1981

#2 All-Time Squat in World's Strongest Man Competition of 969 pounds in 1981

World's Strongest Man Contest-Winner in 1982

Senior National Powerlifting Champion-Superheavyweight Class-(870-540-837-2248) in 1982

#3 All-Time Deadlift in World's Strongest Man Competition of 1055 pounds in 1982

World Powerlifting Champion-Superheavyweight Class-(848-501-799-2149) in 1983

Powerlifting Exhibition Best Deadlift-Superheavyweight-904 in 1983

World Record-56 lb. Weight Toss Over Bar-Scottish Highland Games-Height: 18 feet and 3 inches in 1984

World Record-Barbell Curl-440 lbs. in 1985

Ultimate Challenge-Runner up in 1987

Le Defi Mark Ten International-Winner in 1987

World Record-Seated Barbell Press-(Previous Record: Chuck Arens-407) Kaz: 448X3 in 1988

Muscle Power Classic-1st Place in 1988

World Record Log Press-375 lbs. in 1988

World's Strongest Man Contest-Runner up in 1988

Pure Strength II Team Competition-1st Place with Stuart Thompson as his partner in 1988

McGloshen Stones-First Man to Ever Lift all Five Stones in Competition in 1988

Louis Cyr Dumbell Side Raise and Hold-(Louis Cyr-88 lbs. in one hand and 97 lbs. in the other); Kaz-89 in one hand and 101 in the other for 6 reps. in 1988

Pure Strength II Team Competition-2nd Place with partner with OD Wilson in 1989
Louis Cyr Dumbell Front Raise and Hold-(Louis Cyr-131 lbs. for 1 rep.); Kaz-210 lbs. for six reps.

World's Strongest Man Competition-4th Place in 1989

#2 All-Time Loglift in World's Strongest Man Competition of 363 pounds in 1989

World Record-Dumbell Press-100 lbs.X40 reps. in 1989

Guinness Book of Records-Member of 10 Man Team that Pulled a 14 ton Tractor and Attached Caravan for 2 Miles