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space IPA world cup

The 1998 IPA World Cup

This is a brief commentary of some of the truely outstanding lifting that occured at this meet. American Strength Legends has contacted the Challiets' to get the full results; however, until that time, a breif discription will go up. There were many world records and American records broken at the meet. Feel free to contact ASL if you would like to correct your results or add them here.

The Full Meet Results

Day 2: Session #1

Some of the more outstanding squats of Saturday's session #1 (198-220 bw)

Louie Simmons coaches one of his lifters

Tony Kamand-850 pounds which was more than 4 times his bodyweight

John Black Jr.-set a world record

Matt Hawkins-770 pounds

Jason Cox-730 pounds which was a world record

Some of the more outstanding benches of Session #1 (198-220 bw)

Jeff Adams-535 pounds which was a world record

Bobby Fields-515 pounds

Some of the more outstanding deadlifts of Session #1 (198-220 bw)

This was the highlight of seesion #1. It was the battle between James McGlynn and Tony Kamamnd. James started by opening with a near effortless 650. Tony fired back with an equally effortless 660 pound pull. Tony pulled a 700 to take the early lead. Then James set the world record with 715 pounds to answer back. Then, it was Tony's turn to try a massive 725 which he narrowly missed. With the final lift of session #1, James left the platform with a new world record of 730 pounds.

Jeff Adams-610 pounds

Matt Hawkins-655 pounds

Chris Young-705 pounds

Session #2

Some of the more outstanding squats of Session #2 (242-Superheavyweight)

Richard Safreed-725 pounds

John Florio-800 pounds

Dave Barno-870 pound

Steve Brodsky (who tipped the scales at 450 pounds and competed in the pro superheavyweight division) opened with 825 and missed his next two attempts at 875

Steve Brodsky

JR hunt (who tipped the scales at 379 pounds competing in the pro submaster superheavyweight division) opened with 880 pounds and missed his next two attempts at 960

JR Hunt

Some of the more outstanding benches of Session #2 (242-Superheavyweight)

Richard Safreed-485 pounds

Steve Brodsky (who only wore a t-shirt)-opened with 455, then got 485 and missed 500

JR Hunt-opened with a 615 world record, then missed his next two attempts at 650 pounds

JR Hunt

Anthony Clark was inducted on Saturday before he benched. He was awarded 765 pounds after the fact and missed 805 twice. Ever the good sport, I overheard him talking to the head judge and Anthony Clark agreed that the head judge had called him correctly. He told me that "there's always next time." He also said that the Arnold Classic meet when he got down to 307 pounds did effect his lifting. He got back up to 337 pounds for the meet.
They also mis-qued his perferred lifting song on attempt two (his first attempt at 805 pounds). They played some annoying song that really got his buddy spotters POed because they were jumping up and down trying to get them to change it, but the sound technician must have been too tired to notice. Anthony even raised four fingers in the air in a vain attempt to get them to move it from song 1 to song 4 like they were supposed to. So, maybe that was a contributing factor. But attempt three, they got the song right. Spiritual Quest was playing, he was pretty psyched up, but on the eccentric part of the movement the bar got out of the grove of his shirt. He really struggled hard to bring it back into position which he did finally. Then he hit it and got stuck about four inches from lock out. Nevertheless, they were good efforts. Plus, his attempts weren't until nearly 9pm at night, much later than I think he had assumed.

Some of the more outstanding deadlifts of Session #2 (242-Superheavyweight)

Richard Safreed

Steve Brodsky-650 pounds

JR Hunt-725 pounds which was a new world record

Congratulations to all of the lifters! A special thank you to the Challiets' for a great meet. On hardly noticed it's really late ending time (nearly 2 am)